African Fashion

Affiliate program


Congratuations! If you are reading this, you are few steps away from becoming one of our partners.

We offer an opportunity for you to make some money while at home or anywhere. We already have partners in different parts of Nigeria that benefit from it and are making 45,000 Naira monthly and above.

How does it work?

Many people have bought our products and can’t wait to tell their friends about us due to our high quality fabric and exclusively unique designs, prompt delivery and best payment option which is cash on delivery.

We have the following conditions for kenigfashion distributors who want to buy from us and resell or tell their friends about us and order for them.

…order 30 pieces in bulk and get 10% off immediately.

…order less than 30 pieces and get 5% on every piece you sell, as long as you sell up-to 30 pcs per Month.

…if your sale is less that 30 per month, your commission shall be recalculated between 0% to 4.9% depending on the quantity you sold (see table below).

…if you sell more than we sell online, no commission shall be processed on such sales and 2% of the total sale shall be deducted from your profit. Example; If our price is 15k and you sell 17k, you won’t get any commission and 340 (2% of 17k) will be deducted from your profit (2000), so you will receive 1660 (2000-340) from us after we have collected payment from your client.

…if any of your clients rejects your sale, we shall deduct the delivery fees of all rejected sales at the end of the month (rejected quantity times 1500 Naira) and send you the rest.

…all reconciliations and commission payments are done at month end.

…end of month is 31 days after you make your first sale as a reseller.

…we shall need full details to deliver products to your clients.. full name, address, city, phone number.

…we shall open an account for you as a distributor as soon as you agree to the above mentioned terms by sending us a message here.