African contemporary fashion

It’s no hidden fact that the African print trend is here to stay. The reason this trend is so amazing is because African print clothes now come in very flattering modern cuts and an extremely wide range of accessories. There are classy clutch purses, 8 inch stilettos, crop tops and trench coats all make from vibrant African print fabric.

We have seen celebrities like Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, Lady Gaga in unique modern African print clothes on several occasions. The trend is not gender bias at all. African print shirts, blazers and snap back caps are so popular among men too!

In the last decade the trend has really grown with a number of renowned luxury fashion designers like Burberry featuring African prints in their collection. The Burberry Spring Collection for 2012 was a full African fashion collection. The cuts were very elegant and classy and the print gave it a nice edgy look.

Designer Lena Holyhead, with her  “Hot Mama Africa” collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin also thrilled the world with her designs inspired by African prints. The versatility of her designs were very refreshing.

Contemporary African fashion is a loved trend mainly because of how unique and fun it is. African wax print fabric comes in millions of patterns and colours but are not very widely used in mainstream fashion. So a well cut African print dress or accessory will definitely make a bold fashion statement.

Thanks to so many designers who use African prints these days the trend is only going to get bigger and better with more fun pieces to choose from.

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  1. I like that you mentioned how high end fashion lines are featuring African styles in their work. I have noticed this in magazines and on celebrities too. I really like how it is catching on and hope to see more of it.

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