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African Dress Designs for Women

African fashion keeps getting more popular and the need to have at least one style in wardrobe keeps increasing. From street style to high fashion the world is falling in love with the trend. Bold and bright colours as well as prints are in vogue right now.

With several creative contemporary African fashion designers spread all other the world African inspired clothes and accessories can be worn to almost any event. Celebrities all over the world love African fashion too. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani and Chris Brown are among several celebrities that have been spotted rocking the trend.


 Latest African Dress Designs For Ladies
There are very easy ways to incorporate the trend into any wardrobe. First a clear understanding of various parts of African fashion is needed. There are 3 main types of women’s African clothes. These are as follows
  • Ankara Fashion
  • Blouse and wrapper Fashion
  • Kaftan Fashion
Ankara Fabric, also known as African wax print fabric is one of the most popular types of African fashion. This trend can be worn on practically any occasion. Ankara fabric is sometimes combined with other fabric to make beautiful dresses, skirts and lots more.
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In the past decade Ankara print accessories like bags, shoes and necklaces have become extremely popular. The wide variety of designs makes it suitable for practically everyone.  Ankara clothes and accessories are one of the easiest to show off the fun and colourful nature of African fashion.
Contrary to popular beliefs, Ankara fabric did not originate from Africa. African prints formerly known as Java prints came from Java in Asia. Over a period of time the print was popular among Africans and soon enough Africa became the biggest importers of the print fabric. In several African countries there are factories that print the fabric and sell them locally and internationally.
The blouse and wrapper are worn at more formal events. This type of African fashion is very popular in West Africa especially in Nigeria. With this fashion type, lace or silk fabric is used to make a blouse and matching long skirt traditionally known as a wrapper.
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Wrappers are of two types;
  • sewn wrappers and
  • non-sewn wrappers.
Years ago wrappers were worn loose but these days it’s very common to see a form fitting wrapper. The most popular contemporary wrapper or skirt style is the mermaid or trumpet.
In this style, the skirt is tight around the hips and as it gets to the bottom it opens up like the tail of a mermaid. The fabric used is usually very intimate with a strong feminine feel to it.
In most traditional Nigerian weddings the bride will usually be seen in this type of outfit with a gele to compliment it. The gele is a beautiful head wrap which is usually manually styled and pinned in place.

There are an endless number of ways to style a gele. For a more coordinated look the wrapper and head wrap are usually looking elegant. For example a silk fabric for the wrapper and head wrap and lace for the blouse would make a very chic outfit.
Wrappers are not worn by just women in Africa. In parts of West Africa like Nigeria and Ghana, men also wear wrappers with short sleeve shirts. This form of dressing, even though extremely out-dated is still popular among musical artists who dress in semi traditional themes.
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African kaftans are very popular in Northern Africa. In the past couple of years this trend has spread to other parts of Africa and globally too. African kaftans are usually long and mostly loose fitting but contemporary African kaftans are sometimes very form fitting.
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With skilfully detailed embroidery and sometimes crystals or rhinestones, African kaftans can be worn to many important events. Most of the embroidery done on them is made with high quality silk threads.
Unlike the other two forms of African fashion, kaftans come with a number of fabric options. Among the most popular are chiffon, polyester, cotton and jersey.
African Kaftan dressesSLXLM

 Contemporary African Fashion trends are very creative with kaftans. Chiffon kaftans are often worn with jeans trousers or leggings. The necklines are sometimes very low with the kaftans cut in a body hugging nature.
Where Can I buy African Dress Online?
Shopping for African fabric has never been easier with the internet. Purchases can be made from anywhere in the world. When it comes to buying African clothes the first thing to consider is colour but with so many colours to choose from it’s not hard at all.
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Kenig Fashion has one of the widest ranges of African fabric at the most amazing prices! Fabric can be ordered right off the website. Shipping is available worldwide. Kenig is definitely the best choice for cheap African fabrics that are of high quality. All fabrics have been inspected and tested so there is an assurance that they will run during a wash. No matter the occasion the perfect fabric can be found at Kenig Fashion.
If you would rather buy a ready-made kaftan, Kenig fashion is the perfect online store to shop for that. With multiple colours, lengths and styles to choose from there’s a kaftan for every woman.

 Kaftans have a nice versatility to them. A lightly embroidered can be worn for a more casual event and a heavily embroidered one with gems and crystal infusions can be worn for a more formal event. After all, a little sparkle will jazz up any outfit. Size is not a problem at all as Kenig Fashions sells clothes in different sizes.
Cheap African dresses for sale
If you want to look amazing on a budget, Kenig Fashion store is just for you with some of the cheapest prices all over the internet. We has successfully delivered to countries like Germany, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, UK, Italy, Algeria, USA, Brazil and so on. We also accept returns if there is an error in design (which never happened) so shopping is very convenient with Kenig.

The shipping is also done with trusted couriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS and local delivery based on the country it’s being shipped to. Another awesome thing about Kenig Fashion is that there’s a 10% discount on bulk orders. So if you are ordering clothes for a big bridal party you will save money! Kenig replies promptly and professionally to enquiries so all questions and concerns should be sent to the customer care page. Kenig is by far the ideal online store for African fabric.


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