Best African fashion outfit for African occassion


Shopping for fabric is no easy task, if you ask us. It is a feat to find the best fabric out there in the lot when there are so many fakes and low quality fabric vendors hiding in plain sight in the market.

You must know how to judge a fabric and find the diamond in a pile of shining stones. But how do you do so? Here are 4 factors that you must take into consideration when it comes to mastering the art of finding the right fabric:


This is the most important part of choosing any fabric. The quality of your fabric decides how durable it is, and how long it will last you without completely disintegrating. A good looking fabric is a lost investment if it is not of great quality, does not feel good, and is prone immediate wear and tear.


This brings us to our next factor which is the durability or life of the fabric. Lie mentioned before, the looks of a fabric are nullified if it does not last for longer than a wash. Hence you must also take its durability into consideration. A well built fabric will also have a nicer texture and more natural feel along with an extended life period as compared to one that is built rather poorly.


Colors and patterns and designs play a primary role when it comes to choosing the right fabric. It depends on your palate and your personal taste as well as on the current trends. While subtle shades have been the talk of the year, recent runways have shown an increased tendency towards bright and shining colors that make you look bold and bright.


A good fabric is versatile in nature: meaning it allows you to have several options and choices when it comes to transforming it into a brilliant and striking outfit.


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Kenig Fashion hosts a wide variety of bright and subtle colors for you to select from and enlarge your collection. We help you to embellish your wardrobe with outfits that are strong and durable, have enchanting colors, and boast never before seen unique designs and patterns to give variety and quality to your fabric collection.

Our African based cultural patterns are a sight to behold as their popularity increases day by day in the fashion industry. But there are many vendors who may deceive you with low quality, poor products that fail to live up to your expectations, we make sure to become the fabric place you need to fulfil your colorful, fabric related desires and buy only the best cloth available in the market!