Best color for skin complexion


You may not recognize the kind or type of a given fabric by just looking at it. You will not be able to tell what the material feels like either without having to touch it. So what is the thing that draws us into certain fabrics and pushes us away from other clothes? The culprit is color.

Color is the most important factor when it comes to finding a particular fabric pleasing or displeasing at the first glance. Factors such as texture and quality of the material enter the picture later. The color of a fabric plays a primary role in attracting you towards it and leading you to pursue it.

Not only that, but color has an even more vast of an impact than just looking attractive. It also greatly affects the wearer of the fabric as well as the people who are looking at the wearer. Let us look at how it does so and why it becomes important to pay unfaltering attention to what colors we choose to purchase and wear.


Wearing the right or wrong color can many a times prove to be the difference between a fabulous and a horrible day. Colors have a greater impact on our lives and mentality than we may choose to believe. They shape the way we think about various things and how we view them.

For example, a person wearing lighter, subtler colors may be viewed as a gentler, mixed in person. But someone wearing a daring red color may be viewed as someone who likes to be out there and stand out. So choosing the right color to wear on a specific occasion is quite necessary.

Not only does color affect your image in front of others, but it also affects the way you view yourself. You must wear shades that give you confidence rather than blur you down.

Colors also play a great role in determining how you appear. Some colors may suit your skin tone, others may not. Colors also have a way of rendering someone’s appearance look rather wide or slimmer.

Hence overall, it can be concluded that colors play a significant role in our dresses and fashion life.


While colors are extremely important in deeming the nature and beauty of a fabric, it is also important to embellish it in order to add more character and personality to it. Stone work is a great way to further accentuate an already beautifully and boldly colored fabric. Not only stone work, but gems, sequins, cut work, and embroidery work just as well also.


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