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Best colours to wear to a wedding

Weddings are very exciting events. From the couple to their parents to the wedding party and guests everybody is so joyful and full of smiles. There have been several discussions when it comes to fashion at weddings to avoid the colour black and its contrasting counterpart white. It may not mean much for people in say, America to wear black but in Nigeria black clothes are never really meant for such a joyful event. Wear pure white too and people will say you are competing with the bride. To put you out of your confusion we have some tantalizing colours that will make you and everybody else at the wedding happy.



Purple is one of the best colours to wear to a wedding. It isn’t too dark and definitely not too bright either. The shade if purple doesn’t really matter but the brighter the better. For a more sophisticated look purple can be paired with metallic colours like silver or gold. You can never go wrong with the colour purple at a wedding. View a collection of purple fabric here.



African / Indian George

Gold or mustard is very elegant colour to wear to a wedding. A lot of people use gold to tone down their white or ivory attire so they look like they are competing with the bride. Gold and white is totally majestic and makes a neat, serious and elegant outfit. When wearing gold tone down the gold jewellery or opt for beads instead. Too much glitter is not a good idea at all. View our top selling gold fabric here.


Turquoise green

Turquoise green or cyan is a very soft colour that is absolutely perfect for weddings. It’s warm, romantic and very feminine. Turquoise green gives so much room for combinations as so many colours compliment it. You can pair it with pink, gold, green, blue and many other colours. It also looks very good with heavy jewellery so you can go all out with the necklaces, earrings and bracelets. View a collection of turquoise green fabric here.



Pink is the ultimate feminine colour of all. Nothing says soft, playful and girly like peach. With the vast number of shades pink can look fresh and well put together with a vast number of colours. The only problem about pink is that it can easily make an outfit look immature so keep the styles very elegant and age appropriate. Pink is a very popular colour and as such finding pink fabric to buy for an outfit is an easy breeze. View a collection of pink fabric here.


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