30 ways to make extra money and grow your income (Updated)

Most of the emails I receive these days is asking about how to easily grow a business, but the most common line is “Hey Justivyke, I would love to grow my income while I still do my main job, I just can’t think of how to do that right now. How do you afford to put ideas together and make them work? How do you make money without going off the hook? How can I avoid losing money?”

The honest truth here is, I was also asking myself those questions not too long ago. Within the first six months of my research, I invested a lot of time gathering information from different places such as internet, friends, magazines, newspapers, etc. My interests were drained by the second half of the year. My passion started running low and the only thing that still kept the motivation was that I still needed to grow my income by all means. So, I also began asking myself, “How can I make money while I’m out there at work?”

One of the best source of an answer was Google, I researched different forums, emailed bloggers and websites, I even signed up and paid for some useful courses. There are some great information out there, of course with some bad ones. But one thing I learnt is that growing my income while doing some other jobs is possible if I can find the right path.

So far, I don’t make billions nor millions yet (almost there!), but a few thousands per month and hundreds of thousands in some months are really enough for me to add to what i currently earn from my main job, support family members, save for my kids, put some money on the side and enjoy life as little as I can!

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Are you ready to increase your earnings this season? Probably, you intend to be more dedicated about supporting your family, save yourself out of bank debt, or save toward a building project, having multiple streams of income is smart way to achieving such goals.

Not ruling out part-time job, you could become self-employed i.e. personal business where you will have control over your income and time. Thus, instead of helping another man to build his business/dream you would be working to build yours.

If you are thinking of starting a small scale enterprise that could make you independent or you want to add extra money to your pocket, I have just the right recipe.

Maximize and Freelance Your Skills

Use the skills you have already developed — maybe even one you use at your work place — to earn extra cash on the side.

Make sure you are not found breaching the terms of your employment by going after your company clients, be wise and be sure you haven’t signed a non-compete agreement. You could increase your net worth/value by building healthy relationships with clients. You could start up a small scale business with any of the following skills which I have outlined below, though the list is not exhaustive.


  1. Write

If you’re great at crafting engaging blog posts or convincing copy, it’s time to put your writing skills to work. To build up experience, you may want to begin with content sites (though be warned, the pay can be extremely low) or create a blog of your own.

Got a few clips under your belt? Fantastic — it’s high time you associated yourself to a lucrative publishing house . Check out a  list of blogs that pay for posts in google, or one of the sites that can pay you to write.

Research your target sites well before attempting to sell to them or edit their articles, and — I can’t emphasize this enough — read the instructions carefully.

If the site wants you to present idea for consideration, email the editor with a few ideas. If the guidelines ask for a draft, write a draft. If they want you to include a secret phrase in your email’s subject line, include the phrase. (I’m not making this up — many sites use this trick to screen out writers who don’t read the guidelines. No secret phrase means your email goes straight to the waste bin.)

How much can you make?

Three cents a word for content sites, $50 and up for guest posts on paying sites. Some blogs might even offer a bonus if your post performs particularly well.


  1. Do Graphic or Web Design Work

Are you good with color combination? Can you put together an amazing book cover or website homepage in 20 minutes? Is creating a beautiful blog header something you can do even in your sleep?

Not only are you fortunate, but you could be making serious money from your skills.

Make sure your website or blog clearly states that you’re available for hire, and share examples of recent projects. If you can’t link to projects you did for your employer, come up/create some design when you are less busy.

Ask friends for referrals, and consider offering your services on a marketplace like LinkedIn. For more ideas, search google for post on showcasing your freelance graphic design work.

How much can you make?

I have seen designers with little years of experience and convincing portfolios earning up to $100 per hour, nevertheless a designer  advocated that succeeding companies prevents hourly pricing in a detailed project pricing analysis


  1. Develop Websites or Applications

Building a WordPress plugin with your bare hands is fun, if you can do this, then you’ve got a skill! If you spend more time on Instagram than Facebook and you enjoy playing with code is your things, you can definitely earn more money with your skills.

The age-old business advice applies here: Find a problem and solve it.

See a plugin that works, but not perfectly? Build your own improved version. Notice a recurring issue with a WordPress theme? Tweak it to find a fix. Want to be on-call tech support? Find a niche that needs tech-savvy help, and fill it.

Web developer Ben Meredith is a great example. “In the process of cobbling together a website for my church, I learned enough to get a degree in ‘how not to do websites.’ To save people from having to go through what I went through, I started writing down what I was learning.”

The result is Church Web Help, a site “for churches who can’t afford to pay a full-time (or even part-time) webmaster,” which offers resources, training and custom WordPress sites.

How much can you make?

High-quality freelance developers can charge anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour, says Meredith. You can easily double your rates for “crisis situations” or fast turnarounds, such as when a site has been hacked.

In addition, the more specialized and server-side you are, the higher your potential rates.


  1. Take Photographs

Have you got a decent camera? (No, your smart phone doesn’t count), talented in taking photos? Shutterbugs, this one’s definitely for you! Having a basic understanding of photographic principles and experience with photo-editing programs can earn you money taking photos

Whether you’re keen to start a side business as a portrait photographer, would like to capture memories as a wedding photographer, or simply want to sell your pictures through a stock photography website, earning money as a photographer is a popular side hustle.

If you’re pursuing the portrait business, find clients through word-of-mouth and by posting an online portfolio on your own website. Focusing more on wedding business can be very challenging, but start with word-of-mouth for that as well. Ask  families and friends who are about to get married whether their photographer could use a second shooter, or offer to spend a few hours taking engagement photos they can use on their wedding websites.

Looking into submission guidelines on micro stock websites like istockphoto.com or shutterstock.com   are the best for stock photography and researches and advices are quite important for beginners on Everything Micro stock.

How much can you make?

As a family portrait photographer, a photographer charged $100 per session, which involved about three hours of work, though she noted this was for friends and family. “I haven’t pursued this as a serious side business, but if I did, I’d probably charge a lot more.”

Wedding photographers charge a wide range of prices depending on location, experience, style and demand. A full-day wedding shoot in Whistler, Canada could cost between $1,500 and $6,500, and a estimates that high-end wedding photographers can charge $9,000 or more per wedding.

Stock photography websites often pay between 15 and 50 cents per photo sold, though some photos can sell for up to $60, according to Pop Photo.


  1. Offer Calligraphy

Do you have beautiful handwriting? Have you mastered the art of the perfectly crisp pen stroke?

Turn your calligraphy skills into cold hard cash by offering freelance calligraphy services. While handwritten envelopes, place cards and signs are most common for weddings, you may also be able to drum up business from baby showers, birth announcements and milestone birthday parties.

Expert calligraphers recommend practicing constantly, investing in quality tools and taking an introductory course. Find clients by promoting examples of your work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and connecting with other calligraphers for potential referrals.

How much can you make?

Hand-lettered envelopes run $2 to $5 each on Etsy, and signs go for $50 or more. Depending how much time you’re keen to devote, especially in the run-up to the busy wedding season, you could earn a fair amount of cash.

Look at what other sellers are charging to figure out how to set your own rates.


  1. Paint Murals

Skilled with a paintbrush? Earn extra cash while making your neighborhood a little more beautiful. Whether it’s showcasing an iconic view on a prominent downtown building or decorating a child’s bedroom, mural painting is an often-overlooked creative side gig.

Start by asking friends and family if any rooms could use an artistic makeover; perhaps a plain room could use a cool update before a baby arrives, or a baby-themed room needs redecorating as its owner enters elementary school.

To find other clients, ask satisfied customers for referrals and list your services on sites like FindaMuralist.com.

How much can you make?

One muralist charges $60 per hour, while others charge $10 to $20 per square foot or even $200 per square foot.


  1. Officiate Weddings

Look outside the “hard” skills like your ability to write code or take amazing photos — can you talk to anyone? Are you a great speaker? Do you love celebrating love? Consider a weekend side gig as a Wedding Master of Ceremony.

Your business set-up will vary based on your state, and the legal requirements vary, but officiating weddings could be a fun side hustle. Once you’ve performed a few weddings for friends or family members, ask them to mention your availability to other couples they know.

How much can you make?

Funke Bucknor of Zapphaire Events , who has officiated about 20 weddings in Nigeria, usually charge for their services wedding.


  1. Babysit or Nanny

Yes, this counts as freelancing — knowing how to baby sit is certainly a skill! Parents, oldest siblings and former camp counselors: This one’s for you.

Whether you want to look after school-aged kids on Saturday nights or help tired parents as a night nanny, you’ll find lots of opportunities to use your childcare experience to earn cash.

Look within your circle of friends and acquaintances first, as parents are more likely to trust someone they know. Ask friends if they know anyone else who could use a few hours to themselves, whether it’s to grocery shop without toddlers or simply to head to the gym.

How much can you make?

Average rates for babysitters start at $12 an hour, but vary depending on the market — you could earn more for watching more kids, working late nights or simply living in a bigger city.

Night nannies can earn between $15 and $25 an hour, depending on location and experience.

These are just eight of the many ways you can turn your skills into lucrative freelance businesses. And we’ve only scratched the surface of ways to earn money on the side…

Make and Sell Art and Crafts

Plenty of people earn extra money from something that started as a crafty hobby. Whether you love knitting, felting, soap-making, woodwork or metal-smiting, there’s likely a market for your creations.

Sell your crafts online to reach customers around the world. Look closer to home by pitching your products to local stores and renting a table an open market, and target a niche market by signing up for a dealer’s table at conventions.

What can you sell? Here are a few ideas.


  1. Carve Walking Sticks

Using wood you’ve harvested from your own property, a friend’s or public land, create one-of-a-kind walking sticks. Adding special touches like stones, mirrors or leather straps will help you charge more.

How much can you make?

It depends where you sell and how fancy your walking sticks are. Simple sticks could sell for $8 at flea markets, but fancier options could bring in $60 each at craft shows or even more online, according to Steve Gillman.


  1. Make Jewelry

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, bead-making that wrap around your face and neck—designers jewelry make all kinds of amazing products.

How much can you make?

It depends on what you sell and how you sell, remember not to price your pieces too low. Make sure to cover the costs of materials, time, shipping, listing fees and other costs.

Keep an eye on seminars for advice from experienced designers and sellers on what sells well.


  1. Create Holiday Crafts

Yes, I know the long holidays are over. Start practicing holiday crafts now for next year, or create similar options for other holidays.

While there may not be quite as many craft fairs before Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas, many people and businesses decorate for these holidays.

How much can you make?

Anywhere from $11 for simple garlands to $80 for a wooden wreath, according to Etsy. Be creative and experiment with different price points to see what works for your creations.


  1. Paint, Sculpt, Draw, Print and Make Art

Consider what other crafty creations you could sell. From screen-printed T-shirts to framed prints or comic books, find a creative product that works for you.

Think outside the box here: Sculptor Aaron Lewis creates and sells latex monster masks for $60 to $400 each, depending on the design.

Package Your Knowledge

Are you great at something? Know a lot about a particular program, activity or hobby?

The beauty of creating a digital product to share your knowledge is that when people ask for advice, you can point them in the direction of your eBook or course — where your knowledge is nicely packaged up and ready to go.

And the biggest bonus? You create these products once, and earn money from them with every sale.


  1. Write and Sell EBooks

Are you very familiar with a course that you can write a book, yes? A standard eBooks should be around 20,000 words as advised by Somi Ekhasomhi  though many eBooks are even shorter.

Outline your ideas, then fill in your sections with more detailed advice. If you already blog about a particular subject, you may be able to turn your blog post into a book!

When you’re ready to sell, consider whether you’d prefer to sell through your own site or popular sites like Kobo Writing life or my eBook.

How much can you make?

Popular writer Anero has earned more than $35,000 from a short, self-published eBook; kobo writing life pays writers 78% royalties on eBooks priced between $4.99 and $11.99.

Here’s a guide to royalty rates on other websites.


  1. Create an Information Product

More complex than an eBook, an information product is often a package of resources that provides in-depth advice on a particular subject. Sometimes including video or audio recordings in addition to text, info products pack a lot of training into one package, and their price often reflects that.

For example, Chris Guillebeau’s Unconventional Guides generally include a PDF eBook, additional resource sheets, checklists, audio and video interviews with subject experts, and other tools.

How much can you make?

Depends on your niche, target market, authority and information.

For example, Guillebeau’s Upgrade Unlocked guide to luxury travel on a budget starts at $39. Authors Joanna Penn and Roz Morris sold their How to Write a Novel training for $99 (before discontinuing it in 2015 due to new EU VAT laws).


  1. Launch an Online Course

If you’re keen to try a different format, try creating an  online course. You could work through a platform like Udacity or class2go, or through your own website.

Create a course around any skill — or element of a skill — you can teach. Whether it’s mastering a piano concerto, planting a cost-effective vegetable garden or leading a killer workout, pick something you’re great at.

How much can you make?

On Udacity, your earnings often depend on your category; IT-related courses are often priced between $50 and $100, while cooking or music courses usually cost less than $50. The average instructor earns $7,000 a year on Udemy, reports Forbes.

Teach and Tutor

If you’ve ever been a teacher, or you’re an expert on a subject, share your knowledge with new students as a tutor, coach or instructor.

Whether you’re explaining high-level algebra or how to hit that perfect arpeggio, instructing community college students or 8-year-olds, your teaching skills could help you boost your monthly income.


  1. Tutor Students

If you’re great at a particular subject, consider tutoring students for extra cash. This is an especially lucrative option for those with advanced education or training in a particular subject.

As Leah Thayer noted in her post on teaching home-schooled students, her clients love that she’s a writer and can share real-world experience while explaining grammar and syntax concepts.

Whether you start your own business or join a tutoring agency, focus on higher-level subjects like math, science or foreign languages; because this material is more challenging to master, parents are less likely to be able to support kids themselves, recommended Thayer. You’ll likely have less competition and be able to command higher rates.

Find clients through word-of-mouth, though Thayer has also had some success with using Craigslist. Meet your clients at their homes or at local libraries or coffee shops. Be prepared to share references and even a background check to prove to parents that you’re trustworthy.

How much can you make?

Private tutors often earn between $13 and $20 an hour, depending on age and experience. You could make more money if you have advanced degrees or live in a strategic environment.


  1. Start an Online Tutoring Business

You’re not limited to your local community; use tools like Watsapp or ULearn to connect with students outside your region.

You may not need to get a background check for these jobs, but you will have to prove your education or expertise in a field before starting.

How much can you make? Ulearn says its tutors charge between $30 and $60 an hour, and the site takes a 40% commission.

If you’re running a Skype tutoring business, you can set your own rates. One interview coach charges $150 for a 90-minute session.


  1. Give Lessons

Whether you’re a champion chess player, an accomplished public speaker, the best guitarist, chances are someone wants to learn your skill.

Share your expertise through word-of-mouth; make sure friends know about your awesome abilities. If you’d like to teach something that might be useful for students, such as music, art or chess, ask your tutor friends to recommend you to their clients.

Head online to reach a wider range of clients. Consider starting your own Blog site by uploading short videos and articles that teach small, bite-sized elements of your skill.

How much can you make?

Income vary depending on your skill and how you teach it. A website could bring in a couple hundred dollars in ad revenue if you get enough views.


  1. Design an Adult Education Class

These programs go by many names, including continuing education, adult education and community learning, but have one thing in common: They pay instructors to share expertise with local students.

Classes are diverse, ranging from Spanish language to making bead jewelry to fashion design, and are usually offered by NGIOs and private organizations.

Keen to try it for yourself? Search for “adult education classes + [your city]” to see where classes are offered, then get in touch with the host organization to pitch a class of your own.

How much can you make?

Adult education programs may pay hourly, a percentage of student fees, or a flat rate, according to Steve Gillman. His wife earned $20 an hour teaching Spanish at a local adult education program.


  1. Create a recreational Centre

If you love being outside and working out, why not create a recreational Centre as this could be a simple way to earn a decent amount of cash in an hour or two on weekend mornings.

Bring in a D.J. to entertain people with cool music, get creative with stairs, benches and even sand. Start by offering your services to friends and family and encourage people to bring a friend, and also advertise it on social media too.

How much can you make?

Mike Thorpe recommended charging $10 per person for an hour-long recreational— if 10 people sign up, you’ve just earned $100 an hour!


  1. Make Money from Your Body, Brain and Opinions

Yes, you can get paid simply for being yourself — though you’ll have to decide whether these particular gigs are right for you.

Whether you’re happy being a human guinea pig or you’d prefer to stick to sharing your thoughts on a product, these side gigs can add some extra cash to your wallet.


  1. Sign Up for Focus Groups

Share your thoughts on products and services with the teams behind developing and marketing them, and you could earn cash or gift cards for your time and feedback.

You’ll want to sign up with several focus group companies to maximize your chances of being called for a group.

How much can you make?

While some focus groups pay $250 or $300, the vast majority pay less. Participating in focus groups is a fun way to earn extra cash, but probably shouldn’t be your only money-making venture.


  1. Participate in Research Studies

Researchers studying new medical treatments or human behavior need to test their ideas on subjects, and usually those guinea pigs get paid.

Whether you’re open to testing new drugs or prefer to stick to counselling, you could earn extra cash as a test subject. You might have to do unusual things, though, like burning the midnight candle or not meeting with a planned event.

This option is especially handy for those who live in urban areas or near large universities, but those who live rurally can also participate through online trials.

How much can you make?

Anywhere from $10 to more than $5,000, depending on the time commitment and invasiveness of the study.

Be sure to read the fine print, as some university psychology research subjects are only compensated with college credit.


  1. Become a Standardized Patient

Is your acting Oscar-worthy? If you can pretend to be sick well enough to fool a medical student, working as a standardized patient could be a fun side job. You’ll get paid to help students practice diagnoses and bedside manner.

Find these jobs at large medical schools or on online job boards like Indeed.com. You’ll need to be healthy, over 18 and likely available during normal business hours.

How much can you make?

Standardized patients can earn between $15 and $20 an hour, according to Catherine Alford.


  1. Try Art Modeling

Yes, you will likely need to be naked. But posing for art students in a legitimate class can be an interesting and lucrative side job.

To find these opportunities, skip Craigslist and head to local colleges, adult education programs, art schools and even galleries. Ask whether they offer drawing classes and ask about live model gigs.


  1. Sell Your Body

Legally, of course.

Moms have made news lately for selling extra breast milk, and sperm donation has long been an option for men. (Though, as Sean Berkley noted on Cracked, sperm banks are picky about who they’ll accept; you’ll usually have to be young, tall, educated and in good shape.)

Young women could earn $5,000 or more as egg donors, though as one donor notes, by the time you’re finished the intensive process, you’ll likely feel you’ve earned every penny.

Need a less-invasive option? Selling your blood plasma is a simple option open to most people, as long as you’re healthy.

How much can you make?

Up to $60 a day selling breast milk; $20 to $125 per sperm donation; or $20 to $45 per session selling plasma.

Get Creative

Not convinced any of the above ideas will work for you? Try one of these crazy jobs and weird businesses.

Come up with a unique venture and maybe it’ll be a hit, like these out-there ideas. Which of your interests or skills could fill a need.


  1. Make people laugh for Cash

Professional comedians earn up to a million naira in one night just to make people laugh, sometimes they do this just by abusing you that has paid to come listen to his jokes. Comedians get a reasonable amount per one hour on show. How about writing jokes and contacting them to ask if they will to buy?

While these businesses can be controversial (as they have sometimes made for themselves  enemies, and another snuggling business in Lagos  closed down after the government arrested some for libel), they’re an interesting example of thinking outside of the box.


  1. Breed Chickens

You could open a poultry farm where you could breed fowls and make cash sales of meat, eggs and the chicken itself. This is a very lucrative venture as the chicken tends to reproduce, you could start with ten hens and end up with over a hundred.

The target market ranges from families with young children, to schools and daycares, to people wanting to test out the idea of raising chickens in their backyards.

Sales of the chicken depends on its size and kind, sales of a Crete of egg you could earn $ 50 and in two months your poultry may worth over $400.


  1. Make and Roasted meat or chicken

People will always have the need to go out with friends and loved ones to spend ample and memorable time together. Especially, young lovers they are likely to patronize you just ensure you are in a strategic location.

You could improve the packaging, ensure the environment is enticing and clean and you could cream the roasted chicken too.

There have been cases you might be given a contract to supply to products to eateries, wedding parties, ceremonies, etc. and here you could earn as much as $8,000.


  1. Invent a Product

Rather than sinking your life savings into a product that requires a ton of testing and paperwork, try low-risk inventions that solves a problem

Who could have predicted the success of the Pet Rock?

To generate ideas, try a few of these plan of action suggested by Steve Gillman:

Combine Ideas (vacuum + bug control = motion-activated bug vacuum device)

Find New Applications (books become hollowed-out hiding places for valuables)

Find Problems to Solve (sore feet led to “Foot Petals,” a million-dollar business)

Challenge Assumptions (“bicycles need leg power” becomes a bike you row like a boat)

Create a low-cost prototype. Crowdfund on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, submit your idea to innovation lab Quirky, or simply bootstrap until you sell enough products to cover additional production costs.

Making money on the side is a smart way to pay off your debt faster or boost your savings account. Whether you start a small business, freelance with your existing skills or find a way to make money from a hobby, let this be the year you start earning extra money.

How do you plan to make more money in 2017? Drop your opinion in the comment section below




Fashion and looking good


Fashion is an imperative part of our cutting edge times. The same number of individuals jump at the chance to spruce up in a specific new manner. It’s not about just a style that is prevalent at a specific time yet for the most part the about garments, make-up, hair etc.Thus, a whole market has been made around a form and many organizations contend to get purchasers. Fashion employs millions of people worldwide in its industry.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world. Surely clothing is a basic need but fashion is so broad these days it has slowly engulfed other industries. Even though the industry may see some shifts in the long run it’s still doing strong. Several garments are made annually and the same number of probably the amount of items people are buying. From belts to hats to dresses fashion is always the talk of the town.

Colour trends

Every year or fashion season based on the trend of many fashion designers all over the world a number of colours are picked and pegged as the trending colours. These colours can be practically anything; from basic colours like green, blue, red to metallic colours like gold and silver and even noen colours. Most of the time specific hues or shades of the colours are the main target and other times its the colour itself like blue black. Following fashion colour trends each year makes it easy to choose colours when shopping.

Not many women pay attention to colour trends. They basically shop their normal coloured clothes. The fashion savvy women on the other hand love to buy their dresses, trousers, hats etc in the trendiest colours. High end clothing shoppers also usual follow the trend because of the shop. 2017 for instance is loving gold especially for dresses, blue and white. These colours can be worn either as clothes or accessories.

African / Indian George

Types of clothing

When a person has the title fashionable most of the time it’s in reference to their clothes. Clothes are part of a person’s personality well at least when you meet them for the first time. Fashionable clothing simply means clothes that are popular at a particular time. You people are really religious experts of keeping up with trendy clothing. For women dresses never go out of style but u fortunately the styles, fit and type of fabric can. The lighter clothes are usually more suited in the summer. A dress when made with a fashionable trend in mind with drop jaws and make you feel very fashion forward.



From way back in the past women have been wearing all forms of jewelry. Jewelry is a metallic type of accessory made to be worn with clothes. Accessories are generally worn with clothes to beautify the outfit. Accessories these days play more interesting roles. Bags for instance are also meant to store items in. Rings are a symbol of marriage and belts are used to hold a pair of trousers, a shirt or shorts up on the waist if the product is too big. Accessories are an excellent way to turn a simple pair of clothing into a very trendy fashion statement. A plain black dress can be worn with brown shoes, a grey bag and big brown earrings to give a very chic look. Colourful accessories are also excellent for adding some spice into a dull coloured bland look.


Putting an outfit together

Fashion is a funny thing in the sense that it has rules but at the same time it doesn’t. This simply means there are some things that shouldnt be worn together but sometimes if they actually are worn together the outfit turns out very beautiful. This is a bit confusing I know but the truth of the matter is that with fashion it’s always best to play it safe and be a fashionable person but to be a person who is a fashion or style icon you will need to try several things and this may include taking huge risks which may turn out either good or bad. When putting an outfit together you need to think about the colour, fit and body type of the one to wear it. It may seem confusing juggling or taking all these things into consideration but the more you do it the better you will become. There’s also the trick of dressing like celebrities.

In a nutshell fashion is a very huge part of society and even if people don’t want to admit it, they take fashion related decisions everyday. To be abreast with the latest trends the best places to go are fashion weeks, magazines, TV. Also just hanging out with seasoned and fashion forward friends will get you there without any issues. It’s very important to be comfortable in any element of clothing you choose to wear because discomfort destroys an excellently put together outfit

How to look amazing on your wedding day

Your wedding day has been decided, you are done with most of your preparations and it’s time to consider the picture coverage that will tell the story of your wedding that you can keep forever. These images will serve as a reminder of all the fun you a had and all the love you have for your spouse. I can’t stress enough how important it is to look your best. Most women go on diets, work out, try out facials and do so many things to look stunning on their wedding day. There are so many ways to look your best in your white or ivory dress as you walk down the Isle. How do you go about it to make sure you get beautiful pictures for that beautiful day? These are some tips to guide you.

Select a professional photographer with experience in weddings

Narrow down the list of photographers by picking out the ones that shoot a lot of weddings. Not all aspects of photography is the same so the more experience in weddings the better. See their work and go for the one that pleases you most. Every photographer has their own unique style. Take that into consideration when you choose. A good photographer will ultimately take good pictures of you. He will notice your best areas and highlight them. An unprofessional photographer for instance may not take pictures of your dress which is pretty important.


Arrange to speak with or meet all your vendors before the wedding day

Even though this is not absolutely necessary sometimes it helps you bond with your vendors better. Your dress vendor for instance needs to understand you well enough to get you the dress of your dreams. The best thing to do is buy your wedding dress locally or have it custom made. Each of this methods require the vendor to understand your body very well. It works the same for other vendors as well. If you have things you would like to try this be the best opportunity to discuss it with your vendors. They may also give you a fee tips.


Trust your planner

It’s very important to trust your wedding planner. This may not necessarily be a paid planner. It could be your mother, cousin or any other person close to you. The main point is to enjoy your day thinking everything is under control whether it is or not. If you did the first two right you would have booked competent persons so on your day allow them to do their job. Your vendors will work much better if you allow him the space and obedience he requires. It’s your day but for the sake of breathtaking pictures be a darling and play along


Try to relax

Pictures tell stories and if you are upset, angry or irritated it will most likely show. Sometimes the fake smiles make it even worse. If you are nervous talk to your bridal party or even the photographer. As someone to tell you a joke, do anything to calm yourself down and let nature bring out your true happiness for those priceless pictures.


Wear excellent makeup

Hiring a professional makeup artist is a must for almost every bride well except you are a makeup artist yourself. You need to look flawless on your special day and makeup will help you get there. A good makeup artist will add glitz and glamor to your look with excellent makeup. Don’t be afraid to let her know exactly how you want it.

Choose the dress you love

Often times so many wedding couple is in such a huge load of stress from family and friends telling them what to do. The day belongs to you so make the best of it. Make sure to select a wedding dress you are love. Choose the colour based on your own preference. A white dress, ivory dress or even a gold dress is fine so far as it’s the way you want it. After all the dancing and eating chances are your makeup will be worn out and a beautiful and comfortable dress will skill keep you looking lovely.

Smile, smile, smile : They say a smile costs nothing but it’s worth a lot. It’s your wedding day and you are happy to tie the knot with that special someone. Nothing says ‘I’m happy’ more than a smile. If you have trouble smiling think about good memories of your significant other, your future together or anything else worth smiling for.

Be nice to your photographer

Being nice goes a long way to getting beautiful pictures. This helps the photographer to go the extra mile to take that perfect picture we all love. You don’t have to be over the top but being chatting and friendly really helps. Sometimes just being polite and friendly to your photographer can boost his creativity levels to get more amazing shots. It simply motivates him because you have showed appreciation. We are all human aftersall.

So there you have it, awesome tips you can do to make your wedding pictures the envy of all your friends and who knows maybe your children too. On a special day like your wedding it’s only fair to dazzle everyone.

Choosing the best clothing fit

Whether you’re a man or a lady, your clothes undoubtedly play an essential part in your day. Individuals need to look appealing and would do anything for that. There are numerous sort of garments (fits) however , there are two that have time in again confused people for a long time now. Those two are Tailored Fit and Slim Fit. When you walk into most clothing stores you a are likely to see clothing tags with these two on them irrespective of whether you are are a man or woman. Today you will know what each means and how to select your clothing accordingly.

A good deal of people believe these two terms are interchangeable but in actuality they are not. As they mean different things these two words should not be used in place of the other. Another misconception is that slim fit is only available in mens shirts. That’s false as well. The misconception is probably because slim fit is regularly used in relation to men’s shirt. Any element of clothing can be a slim fit. The main rule is that the garment was meant to be closer to the skin and more body hugging.

Slim Fit clothes also called fitted clothes are the sort of garments that matches and enhances your body frame . For instance, on the off chance that you have a V moulded body, a slim fit will in all probability look great on you. There is an entirely additional texture in the article of clothing and this sort of style is by all accounts ideal for most average in essence, normal people. In much more simple terms it’s fair to say that Slim Fit is made to “embrace” your body. The opposite of slim fit is regular fit. Not everybody likes their clothes fitted so regular fit is available for people of this nature.

Custom-made Fit or popularly known as tailored fit however, is particularly made by a tailor for someone. Accurate and recent measurements of the body have to be taken so it will be a fit nearer to the state of the person’s body. The interesting thing about tailored or tailor fit clothes is that the person the clothes are for can get it made exactly how he or she prefers their clothes to be. They could be loose or tight based on their own preference. These types of clothing tend to be much more expensive because of the attention and time that’s spent. Any item of clothing can be tailor made and it’s not gender based at all. Women and men alike can have tailor made clothes.


When are Slim Fit and Tailored Fit clothes worn

Slim fit clothes are very convenient as they can be found on the shelves of almost any store. In womens clothing there are very few styles that come in slim or regular fit but formal shirts, trousers and suits are one of them. Most women just uses sizes in clothing to shop for slimmer fit or regular to loose one. Mens clothes tend to stock more though. You can literally walk into a store and buy slum fit clothing anytime you please. Tailor made clothes are definitely not that easy to get. You must first book an appointment to have your measurements taken, tell the tailor or seamstress exactly what you would like. Fabric options will then be discussed and a selection made. Finally you will leave for the tailor to do his magic and in some weeks, sometimes months you will return to have a fitting. A fitting is basically trying the clothes out to see if the fit is as it was supposed to be. If it isn’t the tailor will need to make adjustments. Some tailors require a fitting before the garment is completed to make sure they don’t have to come back to it when it is completed. Most people choose tailor fitted clothes when they want to make an attire for a very special event like a wedding suit, gown for a gala or special party.

African / Indian George

Custom-made Fit versus Slim Fit

The distinction isn’t so huge when it comes to these two terms but they are very different. Even though most tailor made clothing is made to a good fit it’s not the same as a store rack slim fit garment. Slim fit clothes are made more generally than tailor fit items. The one major thing slim fit items have over that of tailor fit items is convenience. They are readily available and can be picked off the shelf and paid for in minutes, ready to be worn. Tailor for clothes take a much much longer period of time to be ready Several times you may go back and forth just to find the right fabric or fit your want.

Tailored fit also known as custom fit , fits to the individual’s body as indicated by that individual’s curves, though slim fit is a standard cut and can be utilized by anybody which implies that it doesn’t need to fit your bends decisively. This makes the former more flattering when worn and gives the clothes some high type of value. The attention to detail is usually higher here.

Custom made clothes are usually much more expensive that slim fit clothes. This is only taking into consideration the amount of work that is put into making a tailor made item. A lot of time, precision, skill and careful workmanship is put into making the outfit just perfect for the person. The person’s body peculiarities are always taken into consideration to sew a garment that basically has the perfect for. This all comes at a price which is certainly well deserved.

In conclusion and taking everything into account, slim fit is extraordinary to use on most events while tailored fit is for something more exceptional and it’s uniquely made for your body shape. You can utilize Tailored Fit suits for a prospective employee meeting though Slim Fit is for more easygoing occasions.

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Reasons why blue black is so popular

The colour blue black or popularly known as navy blue or navy in many parts of the world is one that thrives very well in the area of fashion. From uniforms to jeans to accessories blue black is extremely popular. For people who don’t know the colour it’s basically like its name suggests a mixture of blue and black. This gives a rich dark blue hue that is not too dark and at the same time not too bright. The colour is seen a lot in clothing both modern and old. Unlike some rate colours like neon green and say lilac blue black can be found in practically everyone’s wardrobe. You may have blue black jeans or a suit or a uniform of some sort. Either way the colour is definitely in there. This popularity is certainly not by chance. There are a lot of reasons why navy blue is popular.

Excellent corporate clothing colour

Most corporate institutions require dark coloured or more neutral coloured clothing at the office. Black is very popular especially for suits for men and power suits for women. A lot of formal dresses for work also come in black but sometimes black is just too dull so blue black is the next best thing. Blue black gives a very serious look but still keeps it interesting with a touch of class. Blue black suites are the next most popular suits after black suits. The options of shirts and ties in terms of colours to wear with a blue black suit are often more than with a black suit. Blue black gives a certain softness to the colour and hence compliments other colours a wider range of colours. A blue black pencil skirt is a must have for every corporate woman because similar to the suit it can be worn with a wide spectrum of coloured blouses.

Goes well with both silver and gold jewelry

Not many colours go well with metallic jewelry. Red for instance does not gel well with silver jewelry. Blue black on the other hand works beautifully with both. There are not many colours outside the basic colour spectrum that can do this. Green is also one of these interesting colours that work well with both silver and gold jewelry. Just like blue black you can wear a gold necklace with a green dress and it will look just as beautiful with a silver necklace as it does with a gold one. Metallic colours can be a bit tricky sometimes but with blue black it’s hard to go wrong. A combination of silver and gold jewelry worn together still looks excellent with navy blue. Imagine a denim jacket or dress with a gold and silver necklace and gold shoes. The colour is just perfect for metallic accessories.

Looks amazing on practically every skin tone or colour

We’ve heard over and over again that some colours are not suitable for light skinned people or dark skinned people. With blue black that rule does not exist at all. No matter a person’s complexion blue black looks good on them. Surely like every colour it may look better on some people than others but generally it’s a very universal colour. The percentage of black in the blue black colour and the percentage of blue makes it enough to liven a dark skin tone and also keep a bright skin colour radiant without washing it out or having a sharp contrast. Many fashion designers feature a lot of blue black and several similar shades of it in their collections. Sometimes it is darker and other times lighter based on the season or the fashion year.

It’s loved by both genders

There are many colours in the spectrum associated with men and others associated with women. Pink for instance is currently well known to be a women or female colour and blue for males. These rules don’t really apply to everyone but they are pretty popular. Blue black incidentally doesn’t fall under either column and so it’s free to use by anyone. Women love and wear blue black every day and so do men. This colour creates tons of equality and with items of clothing like jeans it really produces a ton of equality.


Ability to hide dirt

One of the reasons this colour is very popular is its ability to hide dirt. Back in the days when jeans were made the main colour was blue black which is these days referred to as denim blue. The colour was best suited because jeans were made for cowboys to wear often without having to get ripped and also without needing to be change because when it got a bit dirty. Blue black hides dust and dirty pretty well. It’s no wonder a lot of school uniforms are in this colour. Children as we all know love to run around and play in dirt. Darker colours are more suited so kids don’t look like much of a mess when they go to school. A decent number of construction work and plumbers wear their overalls in blue black for this similar reason.

In a nutshell, the best and most popular colours are the ones that are very versatile. Blue black is one of those colours. Fashion loves blue black for all the reasons above and more. It’s the number one colour for many men and women alike. If you haven’t noticed it yet you can look around and see that blue black is probably the most worn colour on the planet. Think about it, if you were to wear only one colour for the rest of the surely it would be blue black right?




Five reasons why you should wear more dresses


Dresses are totally adorable when worn right. Let’s face it almost every woman’s favourite item of clothing is a really pretty dress. It’s no wonder on the most important day of their lives almost every woman wears a wedding dress. Dressing up in a dress has demonstrated to be not just adorable but cost effective and also useful in tons of ways. Going out in a wrinkled top, extended pants and shaggy, thought about hair can make you feel “blah” throughout the day. Nothing feels superior to looking great thank wearing an awesome dress. You feel extraordinary, you act more joyful and you’re friendlier towards the general population around you. Sorry to brag, however, a first impression is really based off of your appearance. Individuals will trust you can perform better. So why not dress to inspire and impress?

Studies have shown that putting on a dress will make you feel happier and you’ll be much more responsive to the people around you! Nothing looks more feminine and shows more gender pride than a dress. The really cool thing about dresses is that since they have existed for centuries they come in so many styles, colours, designs and fabrics. There is literally a dress for everyone. Even women who do not like dress when they find the right one fall totally in love with it. Here are top 4 reasons as of why you should wear more dresses!

Dresses bring out the best in your body

First of all, you only live once! Take advantage of your body before the day comes and you’ll be looking back on and wish you had! Show off how fabulous you can be with a trendy dress. If you have nice curves wear a form fitting dress so show off your gorgeous figure. If you have beautiful legs wear a short dress to show them off. Everyone has a key attribute that needs to be highlighted in a dress. Dresses make this look very effortless. Moreover, who knows who you will run into? Wouldn’t you like to look amazing! I mean come on you can run into your all time crush on the road. Stranger things have happened!


Dresses are more stylish

On every runway the show stoppers are almost always dresses. Dresses give a very confident fashion look and are trendy for almost any event. During celebrity events like award shows and galas all the big names are mostly clad in adorable and killer dresses designed by the most popular designers of all time. There is something very charming about walking in a flowing dress. You will never improve your sense of style if you’re starting with an “I give up”. For those who were wondering this is a Seinfeld reference! If fashion is important to you, make sure it becomes a priority in your life!

Dresses are cheaper in a sort of way

Wearing a dress is sometimes cheaper than wearing other types of clothes because dresses are just one piece. A really good looking dress can complete an outfit without the need for excessive accessories. Instead of buying a pair of pants and a blouse a dress can be worn a lone. Isn’t that a fabulous way to save money? For office wear, a well cut pencil dress is be far more affordable than a power suit. Chances are that the dress may even flatter you better than the suit.


A dress is great for corporate events

In all honesty at some point you’ll have a job and will be required to dress appropriately. Not everyone may work at a corporate institution but the ones that do will have to dress according to the business they work for. For most offices a dark coloured fairly conservative dress will be best suited. A blue black dress is the colour that works magic for any office. Corporate work does not mean you can’t look good. Dresses are an easy way to look your best at the office. Then, you’ll start reminding the freedom you had and will start regretting you didn’t take advantage of it! There is literally no better time to start experimenting right now until it’s too late! Pick your favourite dress and go into the club right now! You’ll definitely be a head-turner.

Dresses makes you feel more feminine

Deep down, every lady wants to show her true self and what is a better way to do it than by dressing up and looking your best. Dresses can make any woman totally look gorgeously feminine. No matter your age there is a dress to make you look a very good looking woman. Floral dresses are killer. Another lovely statement is a red dress no matter the length. Nothing says strong woman like a red dress. No matter your role in life be it a mom, girlfriend, teacher or skater a dress will instantly make you look sophisticated and cool.

Before you put on or go out and buy that awesome dress to wear, ask yourself: Why do you dress up? After telling yourself the answer, think about the freedom you have concerning your clothes and choose to take risks and look good. It will instantly make you feel better. So dash into your wardrobe or your favorite clothing store and grab a dress you would love to wear, call your friends and hit the club! This time when you can have fun with your close friends you will know you look extra special and it will show in everything you do! Enjoy and explore dresses because they are truly adorable.

Top fashion colour trends of 2017


Every year new colour trends hit the market. Some years the colours are bright and vibrant and other years the trends tend to be darker and more conservative. 2017’s colours are an even combination of some bright and dark colours. These adorably fashionable colours can fit practically any wardrobe. It’s time to bring out these colours if you already have them or go out shopping for lovely items in them. Rocking these colours come with some rules or better yet structures to make you look for retro and up to date.

Blue, gold, white and green are among this year’s trendiest colours. The shades of these colours do matter even though multi shades can be combined beautifully to look modern and trendy. Of all the colours the blues are the easiest to dress in many ways with several clothing types. Each colour comes in a number of shades and some work better in different types of clothing.


Blue has been a trendy colour for many years. Almost every year a shade or two of blue hits the runway. This year we have fallen in love with denim blue popularly referred to as Riverside blue to most fashion designers. This shade of blue is basically a combination of cobalt and navy blue. Riverside blue is like denim blue with a layer of smoke. It is a very bold, strong and fierce colour. Like most shades of blue riverside works perfectly with dresses and can be worn in a monochrome for a formal look. Riverside works nicely with trench coats, bottoms like skirts and pants and many more. Riverside blue can be combined with blue black for a more toned down look. A perfect combination is a riverside coat with a blue black dress.


The second trendy shade of blue is sky black, also known as airy blue. This shade of blue is very similar to powder, icy and baby blue. Clearly brighter than riverside blue it makes most outfits pop. Several runways this year have beautiful white and airy blue dresses. Airy blue is very flirty, feminine and gives a feeling of freedom tranquility. This colour is not very suitable as a monochrome outfit like a dress for people with very bright skin. It can be toned down with some blue black just like riverside blue.


African / Indian George

Gold is by far one of the hardest colours to wear. There are several shades of gold that can be worn flawlessly when the outfit is planned well. Gold should also either stand along or be worn with colours like sand, white and black to play it safe. A gold dress is very trendy in 2017 but the right shade of gold should be worn. Rose gold is this year’s trendiest shade. Rose gold is a shade of gold that has a bit of pink in it. It’s easier to wear in its matt or metallic form. Gold dresses are very popular for evening wear. A gold dress is worn with minimal or no jewelry to prevent the outfit from looking too excessive. This colour is very rich, bold and gives for a very polished look.


White is one of the least casually most worn colours in the world. This is usually because white can easily look tacky not forgetting dirty. White is mostly worn for ceremonial occasions like weddings, christenings and other events of that nature. It’s a colour of purity, cleanliness and celebration. Most women stay away from winter white because they believe it will wash them out because they have pale skin. There is a chance of that happening. In China for instance more women opt for ivory wedding dresses because they don’t like the look of pure white on their already bright skin. The colour ivory, also known as off-white is more suited for very light complexions. That doesn’t go to say is an absolute no go area for pale skinned women. A white dress can be worn with a dark coloured coat or with other coloured accessories like chunky jewelry to reduce the graze of the colour.


Green is one of 2017’s favourite colours. Even though last year saw a decent amount of green on the runway this year is its year. Emerald and grass are amount the favourite shades of green for this year. Green dresses have a very nice and decent appeal to them. It is not particularly popular so can be very sure that you will find fewer women rocking a green dress at a cocktail or event. Green is a colour that’s in tune with nature. It’s no wonder green goes so well with earth tone colours. Mint green are one of the most popular shades of green for day wear. The shades get darker when we enter night wear with emerald green being one of the popular shades. Green is one of those few colours that compliment both gold and silver coloured jewelry very nicely.

In a nutshell of all the lovely colours in the spectrum the most popular ones are blue, gold, white and green. Even though putting all these colours together in one dress would be a total disaster worn separately these colour are sure to make any woman look extremely modern and up to date.




Black blue gold white dress illusion

Somewhere in 2015 the internet went completely mad over whether a dress was white and gold or black and blue. The picture of this dress which a mother sent to her daughter to help her decide what to wear to her wedding completely broke the Internet. It was being shared on every single social media platforms and was the topic of discussion for several TV shows and entertainment programs. The issue about the dress is a very simple but strange one. People saw the same dress in different colours! A lot of people saw the dress as white and gold while others saw it as blue and black. How could this be?! The debate of the different colours started from the bride and her mother initially. The bride saw a gold and white dress and her mother, blue and black. Like most people they both felt like it was a prank when they showed it to other people and they saw the colours differently. What an excitingly entriguing dress!

Here is a picture of the dress. What do you see? Do you see blue and black or white and gold. For every group of people who look at the dress the white and gold is usually more. Majority of people in the USA saw the dress to be white and gold but the most bizarre thing of all is that the real dress is actually blue and black. So many people including scientists cracked their brains over and over again to understand this phenomenon. The world was basically divided into two. The blue and black side and the white and gold side. The lamest guess anyone can come up with was probably that the dress changes colour but that’s surely impossible.

Debates flooded the Internet about the dress with twitter using the hash tag #thedress. Several YouTube videos were made to explain the different colours that were seen by different people. Some of the explanations were completely absurd but other made perfect sense. Celebrities got caught up in the discussions stating the colour they saw and even forming teams with their colour. The dress got a lot of people disappointed when the true blue and black dress was revealed. Team gold and white felt upset but the colour clearly had to be either one so there it was.

However, this isn’t quite a dress that changes colours, it is just an illusion because of the picture. The picture was taken in badly lit room so light fell on the dress at an angle that caused an optical illusion. Scientists say people saw the colours differently because our brains interpreted the lighting differently. The dress colour was seen based on the way each person perceived it. Even though this explanation makes a good deal of sense it’s still a bit hard to accept. But even after the debate of the dress was over the world was hit with news of an actual colour-changing dress as if we hadn’t had enough!

Showpo a fashion brand announced on their YouTube channel that they had created a dress that can change colours only with the tap of an ipad. This dress is not in anyway connected to cabled or wires anywhere. The dress just changes colour just by tapping a colour on an ipad. They put up the video which went viral in a matter of hours.

In the video you can see a model in a white sleeveless high to low dress and as the ipad is tapped her dress changes colour from white to pink, pink to blue and blue to purple. The model cheers and everyone is excited as the dress changes colour. This excited a lot of people and send tons of traffic to their website with eager women wanting to get their hands on one of the most awesome fashion pieces. Unfortunately the video was not real. The video was crafted in a very convincing manner but there were a few things that gave them away. The first was the fact that they didn’t offer detailed information at all about how the dress worked. The second reason is the fact that when the dress is being changed we only see the model on a white background. Showpo came out to say that the video was just a prank and that the colour changing was done by post production video effects, but if it was true it would have been an excellent dress to own.

In recent time Showpo has faced some fierce competition, Lüme! Lüme has presented a tiny, flexible LEDs right into jackets and dresses and could be the “first” fully controllable electronic clothing that’s ready for the shop rack. We’re not sure whether it’s the first dress to be fully colour changeable because the brand hasn’t quite yet proved anything. They have merely announced the technology and left it at that.

Lüme had taken the colour changing style a step further. According to the brand their upcoming clothing can also change its colours in time with the beat of music in a club! Moreover, you can tweak the app in order to adjust your clothing colour after the weather or a sentiment! Unlike Showpo’s changing dress this one actually has LED bulbs that will with the help of sensors be able to allow the colours to change. This is much more achievable and realistic. We look forward to getting our hands on this fabulous technological outfit for lack of better expression.

Is it too soon to have colour changing dresses without any form of wiring and strings? Surely it’s a bit far in technology right now. Give and take it may take a few more years till we get to that stage and when we do we will then know that fashion has truly evolved. There are currently some advancements like threads that change colour when applied some amount of electricity so it is indeed possible. After all once a camelion can do it why can’t we?

The perfect dress for your body

Finding a dress that will fit your body correctly is always a struggle. This is something every single woman will agree on irrespective of size, height or stature. All through the year every woman looks for dresses that have the right colour length and shape to flatter their bodies. Summer isn’t the only time when we are wearing those trusty throw-on-and-go dresses and the crisp autumn weather just cues the hunt for the perfect dress. Those that really exist? Well with the right know how and enough trial and error you can easily find the perfect dress and not even worry about how it will fit when you order it online. Surely that’s an awesome skill to have. Below are useful tips to make your next dress hunt super successful.

If you have a large bust

1. Decide on either a fitted maxi or a wrap style to characterize your waistline. Without this clamped in outline, you may look greater than you really are. Cinched wait dresses will definitely flatter women with large busts. The idea is to get a lovely hourglass shape. For casual summer dresses beautiful wrap dresses and elastic waist dresses should be your preferred choice. If you have a dress you absolutely love but it doesn’t have a cinched waist especially corporate dresses wear it with a belt. The belt should be on the smallest part of your waist to give a nice curve to the dress. Elastic belts work great but make sure it’s not on too tight or else it could look frumpy.

2. Stay away from strapless decisions and choose a dress with a higher neck area, as v slight, pontoon necks, which will anticipate showing an excess of cleavage but bare in mind that over-presentation never looks great! Less is more. V neck dresses create an optical illusion to make your bust look smaller. This trick works all the time. Select styles with thicker straps, as well, as this will oblige wearing a bra.

In the event that you have a small bust

1. Flaunt your little cup size and go for dresses with profound plunging neck areas and open backs. With a small bust strapless dresses and low cut dresses are perfect for you. Most small busted women do not often need to wear a bra so backless and deep cut back dresses are adequate so far as you have the confidence to rock them.

2. On the off chance that you need to add to what you have, search for a fabulous dress that components formed mugs with ruched points of interest. This will make the dream of a bigger bust. Structured dresses are ideal for small busts.

3. Choose a ruffled dress to give the illusion of a full bust. Ruffles are every woman with a small bust’s best friend. Make sure the ruffles are at the bust area and make the bust look fuller. Chiffon dresses are the best for this this look even though cotton dresses and jersey work just as well. The softer and flirtier the fabric the better.

In case you’re curvy

1. Search for a dress that skims (not sticks) to your shape—a dress with a few inches breathing room is perfect. Curvy body shapes need to avoid loose frumpy dresses as well as dresses that are too tight. In essence the perfect dress is right in the middle. Clingy tight dresses will bring out every fold on the body which may look unflattering. It is best to go with harder fabric dresses.

2. Go for thicker straps or strapless—thin straps can dive into your shoulders. Thicker straps look more appealing. If you are unsure about the thickness of the straps forgo then completely and opt for a strapless dress instead.

3. Search out strong solid colour dresses. Big print fabrics like florals will make curvy shaped women look significantly bigger than they actually are. Opt for solid colours like navy blue, black, green, gold etc. Colour blocking is also just fine. This is not to say curvy women shouldn’t wear print fabric. Small prints are best for curvy women. When wearing stripes choose vertical stripes over horizontal stripes.

In case you’re petite and curvy

1. Wear a thin belt appropriate over your to stretch your base half. This will make you look taller. Elastic belts are a plus because they will both make you look taller and give you a cinched waist as well. Opt for a slim to medium thickness for the belt. If the belt is too wide it can be completely counter productive.

2. Pick maxi dresses with an A-line for a complimenting look. Maxi dresses are divine for petite women. A maxi dress especially in a solid colour is bound to make you look taller and slimmer. To hide a few flaws hear and there wear the maxi dress with a jacket and a layered necklace.

In case you’re petite and thin

1. Choose a long enchanting print dress to help stretch your casing. A maxi dress with floral or some other print detail will emphasize your slender figure and give your look more presence. Go with vertical stripes to make yourself look taller.

2. Feel free to show some skin! Spaghetti straps or a square neck area will demonstrate the most skin and make you look fuller and taller. If you have long legs you can show them off with short dresses. Floral dresses above the knee are adorable on women of this body type. Playsuits also called rompers are also fine.

So there you have it, very useful tips to make your next dress shopping trip much easier. There definitely is the perfect dress for everyone out there you just need to know what you are looking for based on your body type.