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Fashion and looking good


Fashion is an imperative part of our cutting edge times. The same number of individuals jump at the chance to spruce up in a specific new manner. It’s not about just a style that is prevalent at a specific time yet for the most part the about garments, make-up, hair etc.Thus, a whole market has been made around a form and many organizations contend to get purchasers. Fashion employs millions of people worldwide in its industry.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world. Surely clothing is a basic need but fashion is so broad these days it has slowly engulfed other industries. Even though the industry may see some shifts in the long run it’s still doing strong. Several garments are made annually and the same number of probably the amount of items people are buying. From belts to hats to dresses fashion is always the talk of the town.

Colour trends

Every year or fashion season based on the trend of many fashion designers all over the world a number of colours are picked and pegged as the trending colours. These colours can be practically anything; from basic colours like green, blue, red to metallic colours like gold and silver and even noen colours. Most of the time specific hues or shades of the colours are the main target and other times its the colour itself like blue black. Following fashion colour trends each year makes it easy to choose colours when shopping.

Not many women pay attention to colour trends. They basically shop their normal coloured clothes. The fashion savvy women on the other hand love to buy their dresses, trousers, hats etc in the trendiest colours. High end clothing shoppers also usual follow the trend because of the shop. 2017 for instance is loving gold especially for dresses, blue and white. These colours can be worn either as clothes or accessories.

African / Indian George

Types of clothing

When a person has the title fashionable most of the time it’s in reference to their clothes. Clothes are part of a person’s personality well at least when you meet them for the first time. Fashionable clothing simply means clothes that are popular at a particular time. You people are really religious experts of keeping up with trendy clothing. For women dresses never go out of style but u fortunately the styles, fit and type of fabric can. The lighter clothes are usually more suited in the summer. A dress when made with a fashionable trend in mind with drop jaws and make you feel very fashion forward.



From way back in the past women have been wearing all forms of jewelry. Jewelry is a metallic type of accessory made to be worn with clothes. Accessories are generally worn with clothes to beautify the outfit. Accessories these days play more interesting roles. Bags for instance are also meant to store items in. Rings are a symbol of marriage and belts are used to hold a pair of trousers, a shirt or shorts up on the waist if the product is too big. Accessories are an excellent way to turn a simple pair of clothing into a very trendy fashion statement. A plain black dress can be worn with brown shoes, a grey bag and big brown earrings to give a very chic look. Colourful accessories are also excellent for adding some spice into a dull coloured bland look.


Putting an outfit together

Fashion is a funny thing in the sense that it has rules but at the same time it doesn’t. This simply means there are some things that shouldnt be worn together but sometimes if they actually are worn together the outfit turns out very beautiful. This is a bit confusing I know but the truth of the matter is that with fashion it’s always best to play it safe and be a fashionable person but to be a person who is a fashion or style icon you will need to try several things and this may include taking huge risks which may turn out either good or bad. When putting an outfit together you need to think about the colour, fit and body type of the one to wear it. It may seem confusing juggling or taking all these things into consideration but the more you do it the better you will become. There’s also the trick of dressing like celebrities.

In a nutshell fashion is a very huge part of society and even if people don’t want to admit it, they take fashion related decisions everyday. To be abreast with the latest trends the best places to go are fashion weeks, magazines, TV. Also just hanging out with seasoned and fashion forward friends will get you there without any issues. It’s very important to be comfortable in any element of clothing you choose to wear because discomfort destroys an excellently put together outfit

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