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Five reasons why you should wear more dresses


Dresses are totally adorable when worn right. Let’s face it almost every woman’s favourite item of clothing is a really pretty dress. It’s no wonder on the most important day of their lives almost every woman wears a wedding dress. Dressing up in a dress has demonstrated to be not just adorable but cost effective and also useful in tons of ways. Going out in a wrinkled top, extended pants and shaggy, thought about hair can make you feel “blah” throughout the day. Nothing feels superior to looking great thank wearing an awesome dress. You feel extraordinary, you act more joyful and you’re friendlier towards the general population around you. Sorry to brag, however, a first impression is really based off of your appearance. Individuals will trust you can perform better. So why not dress to inspire and impress?

Studies have shown that putting on a dress will make you feel happier and you’ll be much more responsive to the people around you! Nothing looks more feminine and shows more gender pride than a dress. The really cool thing about dresses is that since they have existed for centuries they come in so many styles, colours, designs and fabrics. There is literally a dress for everyone. Even women who do not like dress when they find the right one fall totally in love with it. Here are top 4 reasons as of why you should wear more dresses!

Dresses bring out the best in your body

First of all, you only live once! Take advantage of your body before the day comes and you’ll be looking back on and wish you had! Show off how fabulous you can be with a trendy dress. If you have nice curves wear a form fitting dress so show off your gorgeous figure. If you have beautiful legs wear a short dress to show them off. Everyone has a key attribute that needs to be highlighted in a dress. Dresses make this look very effortless. Moreover, who knows who you will run into? Wouldn’t you like to look amazing! I mean come on you can run into your all time crush on the road. Stranger things have happened!


Dresses are more stylish

On every runway the show stoppers are almost always dresses. Dresses give a very confident fashion look and are trendy for almost any event. During celebrity events like award shows and galas all the big names are mostly clad in adorable and killer dresses designed by the most popular designers of all time. There is something very charming about walking in a flowing dress. You will never improve your sense of style if you’re starting with an “I give up”. For those who were wondering this is a Seinfeld reference! If fashion is important to you, make sure it becomes a priority in your life!

Dresses are cheaper in a sort of way

Wearing a dress is sometimes cheaper than wearing other types of clothes because dresses are just one piece. A really good looking dress can complete an outfit without the need for excessive accessories. Instead of buying a pair of pants and a blouse a dress can be worn a lone. Isn’t that a fabulous way to save money? For office wear, a well cut pencil dress is be far more affordable than a power suit. Chances are that the dress may even flatter you better than the suit.


A dress is great for corporate events

In all honesty at some point you’ll have a job and will be required to dress appropriately. Not everyone may work at a corporate institution but the ones that do will have to dress according to the business they work for. For most offices a dark coloured fairly conservative dress will be best suited. A blue black dress is the colour that works magic for any office. Corporate work does not mean you can’t look good. Dresses are an easy way to look your best at the office. Then, you’ll start reminding the freedom you had and will start regretting you didn’t take advantage of it! There is literally no better time to start experimenting right now until it’s too late! Pick your favourite dress and go into the club right now! You’ll definitely be a head-turner.

Dresses makes you feel more feminine

Deep down, every lady wants to show her true self and what is a better way to do it than by dressing up and looking your best. Dresses can make any woman totally look gorgeously feminine. No matter your age there is a dress to make you look a very good looking woman. Floral dresses are killer. Another lovely statement is a red dress no matter the length. Nothing says strong woman like a red dress. No matter your role in life be it a mom, girlfriend, teacher or skater a dress will instantly make you look sophisticated and cool.

Before you put on or go out and buy that awesome dress to wear, ask yourself: Why do you dress up? After telling yourself the answer, think about the freedom you have concerning your clothes and choose to take risks and look good. It will instantly make you feel better. So dash into your wardrobe or your favorite clothing store and grab a dress you would love to wear, call your friends and hit the club! This time when you can have fun with your close friends you will know you look extra special and it will show in everything you do! Enjoy and explore dresses because they are truly adorable.

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