African Fashion

How can I place my order

Placing an order on our site is very easy, the following steps will guide you.

  1. Add to cart: Go through our products on store page, find the designs and colours you like, see their prices and select the ones you want to buy by clicking Add to cart.add-to-cart
  2. View cart: After you have added all products you wish to buy in your cart, they should all appear in your cart. Check again to see that your selections are correct; quantity and total price.
  3. Discount: if you have been given any discount code, please add it to the coupon box and select apply coupon.view-cart
  4. Checkout: If you are satisfied with the content of your cart, select proceed to checkout.proceed-to-checkout
  5. Delivery details: Here you have to fill out your delivery details. Please make sure that every detail you provide here are correct as we shall deliver your order to the information you provide here.
  6. Zip code: Please use 12345 if you don’t know the zip code to use. If you have already ordered online before then you just need to login with your username and
  7. Place order: After you have provided your details, select Place order to submit your order. That is allplace-order
  8. Contact us: If you wish to contact us after submitting your order, either to correct your order or to change what you ordered, please send us a message on facebook here: