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How to determine the quality of a fabric

There are fabrics on the market of varying fabric. It’s not uncommon to go looking for a fabric and be asked the level of quality one wants. The main reason behind this is that in recent times in order to make fabric more affordable to a wide net of people various grades of quality are made with the highest priced items made mostly of natural fibers like cotton and the cheaper synthetic fabric. Sometimes these two types of fabrics look almost identical. Many merchants take advantage of this close similarities and sell cheap fabric at premium prices. This unethical behavior is found all over the word these days and not only Nigeria. As a result of this it’s extremely important to know how to determine which fabric is of good quality and which is not.

Buy fabric from a reliable source

It is very important to note where you are buying your fabric from. The seller must be credible in every way. When you are buying fabric at a market look for a well established shop that has regular customers. Following recommendations from family and friends will also help immensely. When buying fabric online choose a site that has a lot of content and images of the products. Be weary of sites that put up just one or two listings with few or no pictures. Kenig Fashions deals in authentic high quality Indian Embroidered wrapper fabric. We offer the best for a very good price.

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Compare the fabric types

Kenig fashions sells polished cotton wrapper fabric. This fabric is made from cotton which is very comfortable and durable. Some cheaper wrapper fabrics are made from polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fabric. There are some major differences between polished cotton and polyester even though they both have a bit of a shiny surface. You can tell the difference by touching the fabric. Against the skin polished cotton feels comfortable and is breathable. Polyester feels a bit clingy against the skin and is traps a lot of heat. Polyester is also very thin and is most times a little transparent. Polished cotton is much firmer and heavier.

Consider the price

There is no magic on this earth that can make quality fabric dead cheap. The things required to make a fabric high quality like neat embroidery, decent thread count and uniform colour cost money hence if a fabric of similar nature is selling at a very low price it will most likely be low quality. Avoid such fabric at all cost because they are most likely to fade, tear or look worn out in no time at all. A good quality fabric need not be overpriced but if it’s too cheap it’s probably an imitated fabric. You inevitably get what you pay for.

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Fabric these days are available in many places but it’s better to buy them at a place you can trust and when you find a good place sticking to it will not be a bad idea in the slightest. Shop with Kenig Fashions and you won’t be disappointed at all. We also offer delivery services.

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