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How to look fabulous in red

It’s often said red is the colour of love, passion, desire and romance. It’s no wonder valentines day and Nigerian bridal beads are full of red. Red like love is very strong and bold. It comes in many shades like every colour but the effects of each of them are very similar. Even though red can be worn very casually it’s beauty can turn heads at any event so it is to be worn cautiously. Red worn alone from hair to toe is very daring and hot. Not everyone can pull this look very well. There are some other ways to wear red and look fabulous no matter the occasion.

Combine colours

The safest way to wear red is to combine it with another colour. White is the number one colour that compliments white with a passion. Red and white can never go wrong. For a more toned down look let the white be more than the red and opt for a darker shade of red. Dark red is more suitable for formal, evening events while the brighter shades do better in the day. Red and white do not clash with metallic colours so jewellery is very welcome for this look. Another interesting colour that combines with red nicely is mustard which is basically a dark shade of yellow. This tones the red down a bit and gives it a very refreshing look. Red and gold is equally excellent and gives the outfit the right amount of bling and glimmer.

Red accessories

Red accessories are completely adorable. A red bag, shoe or even gele on a plain white outfit sets a very sharp and exquisite tone for an outfit. Red accessories are not very common as this particular look is very classy and unique. This introduces a touch of bold red and spices up the outfit instantly. Red beads have a similar effect. This effect is best achieved with a plain outfit of just a single colour to put more emphasis on the accessories. To wear this look flawlessly make sure the red accessories are of good quality as all attention will be on them.

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Match shades well

Red has very many shades, from very bright and almost blinding red to a much darker type of red. Based on the type of even and time of the day the right shade should be chosen. Lighter bright shades of red are best suited for daytime events while darker shades are more suitable for formal evening events. For very fair skinned ladies the opposite may actually be more appropriate. It’s important to choose the right shade of red that best compliments your skin tone. Red is very beautiful and when worn right can make your outfit sizzle.

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