How to make your fabric last longer

We all have clothes we consider our favourite. Sometimes when you sew a dress you fall in love with everything form the fabric to the fit to the style. Imagine wearing this dress just a few times and then it gets ruined. To avoid this, we all need to know how to take good care of our fabric. If our fabric or clothes are not cared for well they can get stained, torn or faded and then all our money is gone to waste. We have listed some things to do to make sure your garments last longer.

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Buy quality fabric

This is the number one rule. It is impossible to increase the lifespan of cheap inferior fabric. Not even magicians can do that for you. When you are buying fabric make sure it’s of high quality. High quality fabric is always the number one choice. It must be durable, must not fade, able to hold the required style well and must not over expand. Instead of having many cheap fabric it’s better to have fewer expensive fabric that will be worth your money.

Opt for dry cleaning

There are several types of fabric that are better off dry cleaned than washed with water. Most fabric that have sequins, beads and glitter should be dry cleaned. This will keep the little elements from falling off and reducing the beauty of the fabric. For fabrics that are also very delicate to the touch try cleaning is the best options. A decent number of laundry shops offer dry cleaning as well so it won’t be hard to find.

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Regular washing

Keeping clothes dirty for too long may damage your fabric. This is one of the things that sets stains. When there is a spill or stain in your fabric wash it immediately. Leaving the fabric for a while will let the stain set into the fabric making it harder or even impossible to remove. For white fabric it’s very important to wash or dry clean them very quickly. White easily looses its brightness after staying dirty too long.

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Airing Fabric

If you keep your fabric in a bag, box or drawer it’s very important to bring it out and air it every now and then. This is not necessary if the fabric is hanging in a wardrobe as that allows more fresh air. Mould can easily attack a fabric in a dump or stuffy place. Naphthalene balls help to keep fabric fresh in containers but an occasional airing won’t be bad at all. Just remove the fabric from it’s point of storage and opened it up for a free flow of air to pass through it. Let it rest for some hours or even a day before putting it back. Fabrics can look beautiful and radiant once they are being taken care of well. Try out these steps and you will see good results in all your types of fabric.