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How to wear a gold dress


Gold dresses are not for the timid and certainly not for ladies who avoid any risk. It’s an intense colour that can make any woman stand out from the crowd. On the off chance that you can locate the internal goddess in you to shake a gold dress, don’t keep down. Go full scale and mess around with this over-the-top decision of making a bold statement. Many women stay away from gold dresses because they are afraid of making a mistake and eventually looking like a big disco ball but gold dresses can be toned down and worn in so many classy ways.


Dull gold dresses are extremely popular at this point. Be it a ’40s flapper dress or a prom dress in gold, this overwhelming glimmer of the colour is staying put a while. Metallic gold dresses have been seen on the run way so many times this and last year. Little semi-formal dresses in gold and rich lower leg length outfits are a remarkable famous decision on celebrity main street. Keep in mind Sandra Bullock at the Oscars 2014, resembling the trophy herself. It is a pretty risky colour but what is life without a risk here and there. Remember to always match your confidence with when you wear your gold dress to own the outfit.

There are such a large number of styles of dresses thus many shades of gold. Discover a style that compliments your body and a shade that suits your skin tone be it rose gold, dark gold or any of the other shades of gold. Whatever dress you pick, the extras can represent the moment of truth for the dress. In spite of what individuals think, since gold embellishments run with everything does not mean the world runs with a gold dress. There are so many colours and types of accessories that should not be paired with a gold dress. When wearing shiny chromatic gold dresses or sure thing to avoid is pairing it with neon coloured accessories except you are going to a carnival and that that will be ok.

The Shoes

Shoes are constantly a make or break type of accessory when it comes to fashion. Naked shaded shoes also known as nude shoes or dark ones are the number one best to wear and will mix with the dress very nicely. Dark brown shoes are also an excellent colour to wear with a gold dress. Patterned shoes are a no-no when wearing a bright shiny gold dress. We want to keep majority of the attention on the dress and not divide it between the dress and the shoes.

On the off chance that you are sufficiently striking to draw it off, you can match gold shoes with a gold dress. It’s a bit unsafe yet relying upon the style of dress and shoes, it could function admirably. Peep-toes or stilettos in gold will work perfectly. These types of shoes look pretty elegant and formal. This gives the outfit the right about of seriousness it needs. Very few people have been able to pull off two shades of gold between shoes and a dress off safely. It’s always best to go with the same shade of gold. Meryl Streep shook the unstructured dress that supplemented her age and pulled off the gold peep-toes also at the Oscars 2014.

Dodge gold pumps totally. In the event that you wear a knee-length party dress in quieted or naked gold, you could attempt dark red or profound maroon pumps. Be that as it may, keep the cosmetics common and convey a dark or naked grip. Too much colour with gold is not a very good idea. Natural looking makeup is always a plus with this colour.

The jewelry

Jewelry is a very dangerous accessory when wearing a gold dress. It can easily make the outfit look excessive and over the top. When wearing a gold dress try to avoid excessive jewelry. If you can try to avoid jewelry completely surely the wedding ring can stay but necklaces and earrings should either be minimalistic or not be worn at all. There is a general misconception that silver jewelry should not be worn with a gold dress but that is clearly false. Silver stud earrings will look excellent with a gold dress. With less glimmering and darker shades of gold dresses bigger and brighter jewelry can be worn but the best tip is to skip them and maintain the attention on the dress.

The Bag

As a general guideline, your handbag, clutch or purse should be imperceptible with a gold dress. So leave your huge bag at home and exile the simple work tote with all its bulkyness. Decide on an exquisite and little grip in brown, nude or dark. Little satchels with chain straps are likewise fine in dark and dull colours as long as they don’t conflict with the dress. On the off chance that you completely want to convey a striking look, pick a red, maroon or chestnut clutch and make sure it’s fairly small. Obviously, your shoes must be nude, brown or dark to balance the combination of colours. Remember we want to stay away from too many colours.

If all else fails, keep it basic. Toning it down would be ideal. A gold dress is as of now shouting boisterously for consideration; let the extras whisper. Keeping in mind that certainty is the key because with bold gold dress less is always more. Yes, individuals will take a gander at you; a few ladies will be jealous, while others will be in amazement. Be set up for a wide range of cattiness when you wear this beautiful and alluring colour. On the off chance that you need certainty, faking emotionless swagger always works. Whatever you do, don’t forget to grin and have a good time. Sometimes how you carry yourself in the dress can make all the difference so venture out, hold your head high and claim that gold dress.

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