Reasons why blue black is so popular

The colour blue black or popularly known as navy blue or navy in many parts of the world is one that thrives very well in the area of fashion. From uniforms to jeans to accessories blue black is extremely popular. For people who don’t know the colour it’s basically like its name suggests a mixture of blue and black. This gives a rich dark blue hue that is not too dark and at the same time not too bright. The colour is seen a lot in clothing both modern and old. Unlike some rate colours like neon green and say lilac blue black can be found in practically everyone’s wardrobe. You may have blue black jeans or a suit or a uniform of some sort. Either way the colour is definitely in there. This popularity is certainly not by chance. There are a lot of reasons why navy blue is popular.

Excellent corporate clothing colour

Most corporate institutions require dark coloured or more neutral coloured clothing at the office. Black is very popular especially for suits for men and power suits for women. A lot of formal dresses for work also come in black but sometimes black is just too dull so blue black is the next best thing. Blue black gives a very serious look but still keeps it interesting with a touch of class. Blue black suites are the next most popular suits after black suits. The options of shirts and ties in terms of colours to wear with a blue black suit are often more than with a black suit. Blue black gives a certain softness to the colour and hence compliments other colours a wider range of colours. A blue black pencil skirt is a must have for every corporate woman because similar to the suit it can be worn with a wide spectrum of coloured blouses.

Goes well with both silver and gold jewelry

Not many colours go well with metallic jewelry. Red for instance does not gel well with silver jewelry. Blue black on the other hand works beautifully with both. There are not many colours outside the basic colour spectrum that can do this. Green is also one of these interesting colours that work well with both silver and gold jewelry. Just like blue black you can wear a gold necklace with a green dress and it will look just as beautiful with a silver necklace as it does with a gold one. Metallic colours can be a bit tricky sometimes but with blue black it’s hard to go wrong. A combination of silver and gold jewelry worn together still looks excellent with navy blue. Imagine a denim jacket or dress with a gold and silver necklace and gold shoes. The colour is just perfect for metallic accessories.

Looks amazing on practically every skin tone or colour

We’ve heard over and over again that some colours are not suitable for light skinned people or dark skinned people. With blue black that rule does not exist at all. No matter a person’s complexion blue black looks good on them. Surely like every colour it may look better on some people than others but generally it’s a very universal colour. The percentage of black in the blue black colour and the percentage of blue makes it enough to liven a dark skin tone and also keep a bright skin colour radiant without washing it out or having a sharp contrast. Many fashion designers feature a lot of blue black and several similar shades of it in their collections. Sometimes it is darker and other times lighter based on the season or the fashion year.

It’s loved by both genders

There are many colours in the spectrum associated with men and others associated with women. Pink for instance is currently well known to be a women or female colour and blue for males. These rules don’t really apply to everyone but they are pretty popular. Blue black incidentally doesn’t fall under either column and so it’s free to use by anyone. Women love and wear blue black every day and so do men. This colour creates tons of equality and with items of clothing like jeans it really produces a ton of equality.


Ability to hide dirt

One of the reasons this colour is very popular is its ability to hide dirt. Back in the days when jeans were made the main colour was blue black which is these days referred to as denim blue. The colour was best suited because jeans were made for cowboys to wear often without having to get ripped and also without needing to be change because when it got a bit dirty. Blue black hides dust and dirty pretty well. It’s no wonder a lot of school uniforms are in this colour. Children as we all know love to run around and play in dirt. Darker colours are more suited so kids don’t look like much of a mess when they go to school. A decent number of construction work and plumbers wear their overalls in blue black for this similar reason.

In a nutshell, the best and most popular colours are the ones that are very versatile. Blue black is one of those colours. Fashion loves blue black for all the reasons above and more. It’s the number one colour for many men and women alike. If you haven’t noticed it yet you can look around and see that blue black is probably the most worn colour on the planet. Think about it, if you were to wear only one colour for the rest of the surely it would be blue black right?