1. Can I return a purchased product?
    Definitely yes, though a few conditions apply. Returning purchased item/ items does not guarantee refund nor replacement. The decision shall be made by our team. Read below… 
  2. On what conditions may I return a purchased package?
    Firstly, you are responsible for understanding the product you order. Our George products come in different fabrics:

    8 yards cotton for Intorica and Plain Georges

    2.5 yards wrapper net
    2.5 yards wrapper net
    1.5 yards blouse net

    2.5 yards wrapper silk
    2.5 yards wrapper net
    1.5 yards blouse net

    5 yards wrapper net
    1.5 yards blouse net

    5 yards wrapper silk
    1.5 yards blouse net

    Secondly, every returned package go through a thorough evaluation process prior to the engagement of KenigFashion Refund Process. This process may take a period of 2weeks max, though an evaluation could take 2days.

    During the evaluation, we check to be sure the package is returned as purchased. After this check, the purchaser shall be reimbursed, or receive another package, whichever may be the case. 
    Refund/ return request may also be declined if the purchased product does not represent its condition when it was delivered to the purchaser, or may be declined for other related reasons.

  3. So when my returned package is confirmed ok, what next?
    The returned package would be changed or cash paid reimbursement, whichever keeps you happy. Nevertheless, kenigfashion team has to decide. Also note that you may have to pay a delivery fee for a replacement package which varies based on quantity ordered and location of purchaser.
  4. Through what medium would I be refunded?
    You shall be refunded through a bank transfer.  Time to get reimbursed after the examination done is 3-5 Business Days. 
  5. And if my returned package is NOT confirmed ok, what next?
    If for any reason your return package does not pass our evaluation, a KENIGFASHION agent would contact you to explain the issues and concerns, and the item(s) would be sent back to you. Note that if an attempt to deliver the package is not entertained, you may have to come pick the package at KENIGFASHION warehouse. 
  6. What amount would be refunded if I bought at a discount?
    If you have bought the item on a promotion, at a discount or at other KENIGFASHION gigs, then your refund would be the exact amount paid.For example: If for a promotion or discount you purchased an item for $20 and its original value was $40, we will refund you $20.
    However, KENIGFASHION reserves the right to deduct ₦3500 per item as the delivery fee for sending the item to the customer. 
  7. How much time do I have to return a package?
    As stated above, packages bought on KENIGFASHION may be returned only under certian conditions. You, our esteemed customer have as long as 5 days from the delivery day to return a package if the need arises. 
  8. Who bears the cost of delivery for a returned item?
    We make deliveries based on our customers’ orders. If for any reason a customer returns an item for a reason that may not be considered our fault, KENIGFASHION reserves the right to invalidate that return as we actually delivered what was ordered. If KENIGFASHION however considers to accept such return, then the below may apply:

    1. Cash reimbursement: The cost of return would be to the customer. KENIGFASHION reserves the right to deduct ₦3500 per item as the delivery fee for sending the item to the customer.
    2. Item replacement: The cost of return would be to the customer. However, for the delivery of the new item, purchaser may be requested to bear the cost of delivery. The kenigfashion team shall decide.
  9. Further info
    Please understand that we pay a percentage to our delivery persons and of course we paid for the ones rejected. Hence, in order to protect KENIGFASHION from malicious acts, when a customer rejects an item for no reason of ours, the customer’s next order may have to be “Payment Before Delivery”.