Stunning Nigerian styles

Everyday new fashion trends and clothing styles are born in Nigeria. Several times these styles are a reinvented from old trends but no matter where they come from it’s not doubt they catch the attention of everyone. Women’s fashion is very dynamic and keeping up with the times is a must to look trendy! Among the most popular clothes in Nigeria are embroidered wrapper fabric. There are so many unique styles to sew with this beautiful fabric but here are our top favourite.

Traditional wrapper and blouse

The most popular style is the traditional wrapper and blouse. We have seen this style for many years but with new styles and patterns of fabric the style can be very current and trendy. The best part of this style is that it can be worn by woman of any age and still be completely appropriate for any social event. This style makes a perfect Aso Ebi outfit.

Modern dress style

This trend is very modern and unique. With a creative designer Indian embroidered wrapper fabric can be used to make a really beautiful and classy dress. With the elaborate embroidery at the edges vary unique designs can be made to make a very pretty dress. From flair bottom to bodycon dresses this fabric works wonders.

Kaftan style

One amazing style that will let any lady stand out is a kaftan made from Indian Embroidered wrapper fabric. Kaftans can either be trousers and kaftan tops or a dress kaftan style. With a creative placement of the embroidered edge this outfit can look very bold and charming. The texture of the fabric is perfect for trouser style kaftans.

So there you have it, some of the most interesting styles to sew with Indian embroidered wrapper fabric. The most affordable and high quality fabric can be bought right at Kenig. Browse through our wide range of colours and designs to look trendy and beautiful. With delivery services available and payments on delivery options, you have nothing to lose. Click here to shop for stunning fabric for all these looks.

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