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The beauty of the colour purple

Purple is a very unique colour. Associated with royalty, magic, boldness and wealthy, purple is one of those colours women love to wear. Purple is soft to the eyes and irrespective of the shade, the colour looks beautiful on almost any skin colour. There is so much to say about the colour purple. It’s basically derived from mixing the colours blue and red. Which makes it very gender neutral. Men and women alike love the colour purple and can feature a lot of it in their wardrobes.

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Purple is one of the most popular wedding colours in recent years because it’s very aesthetically pleasing. Many guests love to wear purple to weddings as well when they aren’t sure what colour to wear. When in doubt purple is a very good colour to go with. Coupled with metallic colours like gold and silver purple makes a very splendid colour for wedding décor and has been a favourite for so many couples on their special day be it their traditional or their white wedding.

Purple and white is a very toned down but extremely beautiful colour combination for clothing. It’s bright, soft and has just the right amount of presence. Purple and white fabric looks good on practically every skin colour. For darker complexions, lighter shades of purple would work very nicely. For lighter skin colours dark purple suits that complexion better. Mixing purple with white makes the outfit look even more ceremonial.

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Purple and gold is the ultimate royal outfit. Gold is of similar nature to purple in the sense that it signifies royalty and wealth as well. Pairing purple with gold is truly beautiful. In pairing purple and gold keep the gold less than the purple. If possible have accents of gold rather than an equal portion of both colours. Avoiding silver jewelry will reduce awkwardness in this colour combination. For this combination, few gold jewelry will be the best option. Rings don’t usually fall under this rule.

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Wearing different shades of purple is one way to look exquisite and classy when you wear this colour. Darker purple should preferably be worn at the bottom while the lighter shade of purple is worn at the top. This combination can be worn to any event. It’s the safest combination to wear with purple besides the purple and white combination. In a nutshell, purple is a lovely colour and can be worn to any event with many complimentary combinations. Kenig fashion sells a wide range of purple fabric. Visit our shop and be spoiled with choice.