The perfect dress for your body

Finding a dress that will fit your body correctly is always a struggle. This is something every single woman will agree on irrespective of size, height or stature. All through the year every woman looks for dresses that have the right colour length and shape to flatter their bodies. Summer isn’t the only time when we are wearing those trusty throw-on-and-go dresses and the crisp autumn weather just cues the hunt for the perfect dress. Those that really exist? Well with the right know how and enough trial and error you can easily find the perfect dress and not even worry about how it will fit when you order it online. Surely that’s an awesome skill to have. Below are useful tips to make your next dress hunt super successful.

If you have a large bust

1. Decide on either a fitted maxi or a wrap style to characterize your waistline. Without this clamped in outline, you may look greater than you really are. Cinched wait dresses will definitely flatter women with large busts. The idea is to get a lovely hourglass shape. For casual summer dresses beautiful wrap dresses and elastic waist dresses should be your preferred choice. If you have a dress you absolutely love but it doesn’t have a cinched waist especially corporate dresses wear it with a belt. The belt should be on the smallest part of your waist to give a nice curve to the dress. Elastic belts work great but make sure it’s not on too tight or else it could look frumpy.

2. Stay away from strapless decisions and choose a dress with a higher neck area, as v slight, pontoon necks, which will anticipate showing an excess of cleavage but bare in mind that over-presentation never looks great! Less is more. V neck dresses create an optical illusion to make your bust look smaller. This trick works all the time. Select styles with thicker straps, as well, as this will oblige wearing a bra.

In the event that you have a small bust

1. Flaunt your little cup size and go for dresses with profound plunging neck areas and open backs. With a small bust strapless dresses and low cut dresses are perfect for you. Most small busted women do not often need to wear a bra so backless and deep cut back dresses are adequate so far as you have the confidence to rock them.

2. On the off chance that you need to add to what you have, search for a fabulous dress that components formed mugs with ruched points of interest. This will make the dream of a bigger bust. Structured dresses are ideal for small busts.

3. Choose a ruffled dress to give the illusion of a full bust. Ruffles are every woman with a small bust’s best friend. Make sure the ruffles are at the bust area and make the bust look fuller. Chiffon dresses are the best for this this look even though cotton dresses and jersey work just as well. The softer and flirtier the fabric the better.

In case you’re curvy

1. Search for a dress that skims (not sticks) to your shape—a dress with a few inches breathing room is perfect. Curvy body shapes need to avoid loose frumpy dresses as well as dresses that are too tight. In essence the perfect dress is right in the middle. Clingy tight dresses will bring out every fold on the body which may look unflattering. It is best to go with harder fabric dresses.

2. Go for thicker straps or strapless—thin straps can dive into your shoulders. Thicker straps look more appealing. If you are unsure about the thickness of the straps forgo then completely and opt for a strapless dress instead.

3. Search out strong solid colour dresses. Big print fabrics like florals will make curvy shaped women look significantly bigger than they actually are. Opt for solid colours like navy blue, black, green, gold etc. Colour blocking is also just fine. This is not to say curvy women shouldn’t wear print fabric. Small prints are best for curvy women. When wearing stripes choose vertical stripes over horizontal stripes.

In case you’re petite and curvy

1. Wear a thin belt appropriate over your to stretch your base half. This will make you look taller. Elastic belts are a plus because they will both make you look taller and give you a cinched waist as well. Opt for a slim to medium thickness for the belt. If the belt is too wide it can be completely counter productive.

2. Pick maxi dresses with an A-line for a complimenting look. Maxi dresses are divine for petite women. A maxi dress especially in a solid colour is bound to make you look taller and slimmer. To hide a few flaws hear and there wear the maxi dress with a jacket and a layered necklace.

In case you’re petite and thin

1. Choose a long enchanting print dress to help stretch your casing. A maxi dress with floral or some other print detail will emphasize your slender figure and give your look more presence. Go with vertical stripes to make yourself look taller.

2. Feel free to show some skin! Spaghetti straps or a square neck area will demonstrate the most skin and make you look fuller and taller. If you have long legs you can show them off with short dresses. Floral dresses above the knee are adorable on women of this body type. Playsuits also called rompers are also fine.

So there you have it, very useful tips to make your next dress shopping trip much easier. There definitely is the perfect dress for everyone out there you just need to know what you are looking for based on your body type.