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Top colour trends for 2017

Every year there are different sets of colour combinations for clothing. Not so long ago I remember when colour blocking was the latest trend. If you don’t know what colour blocking is it’s basically wearing several (at least 3) sharp contrasting colours. It was very fashionable to see women in a red blouse, blue skirt and purple shoes. All too soon colour blocking became a thing of the past and now 2017 has it’s fresh new set of colour trends.
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The hottest colours

The colour trend for 2017 is very practical and certainly less freaky than the colour block trend of the past. The hottest colours of 2017 are pink, turquoise, blue and gold. The shades of these colours don’t matter match but the trend is rather toned down. Colours like blue and gold are pretty easy to combine as they match a lot of colours. Gold unlike the other colours does not work well on every skin tone so it’s the only colour that may be a bit of a problem in incorporate into everyday outfits.

African / Indian George

How to match the colours

Of all the hot colours of 2017, blue is the easiest to match. Besides the ever popular white and black that match well will every blessed colour, blue can be matched with a very light shade of pink, brown, yellow, silver, gold and even green. Pink will work very well with itself; in essence pink on pink. Other colours that go with pink is sky blue, gold, silver and navy blue. Turquois is a beautiful colour that works magic with gold, white, silver and green. Turquois and yellow is very risky but if pulled off well could work nicely. Gold is the wildcard colour of all the top colours for 2017. Gold is very bold and can easily be seen as too flashy or bright so it must be worn to the right type of event. It can also be toned town with dark colours like black, brown and blue. It’s important to stay away form excessive gold jewellery when wearing this colour or else it can appear very tacky.

What accessories to wear

The colour trends of 2017 are not particularly affected by the colours of accessories. Black or brown bags and shoes work just as fine as other complimenting colours. The tip is just to compliment the other colours of the outfit. Beads are better to wear with predominantly gold outfits as opposed to gold jewellery. For a softer look go for dark coloured accessories or they could also be the same colour as the main outfit. This trend report is to help you prepare for 2017 and look splendid anytime you step out of the house. Shop from a wide range of elegant fabric in trending colours here.

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