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Top fashion colour trends of 2017


Every year new colour trends hit the market. Some years the colours are bright and vibrant and other years the trends tend to be darker and more conservative. 2017’s colours are an even combination of some bright and dark colours. These adorably fashionable colours can fit practically any wardrobe. It’s time to bring out these colours if you already have them or go out shopping for lovely items in them. Rocking these colours come with some rules or better yet structures to make you look for retro and up to date.

Blue, gold, white and green are among this year’s trendiest colours. The shades of these colours do matter even though multi shades can be combined beautifully to look modern and trendy. Of all the colours the blues are the easiest to dress in many ways with several clothing types. Each colour comes in a number of shades and some work better in different types of clothing.


Blue has been a trendy colour for many years. Almost every year a shade or two of blue hits the runway. This year we have fallen in love with denim blue popularly referred to as Riverside blue to most fashion designers. This shade of blue is basically a combination of cobalt and navy blue. Riverside blue is like denim blue with a layer of smoke. It is a very bold, strong and fierce colour. Like most shades of blue riverside works perfectly with dresses and can be worn in a monochrome for a formal look. Riverside works nicely with trench coats, bottoms like skirts and pants and many more. Riverside blue can be combined with blue black for a more toned down look. A perfect combination is a riverside coat with a blue black dress.


The second trendy shade of blue is sky black, also known as airy blue. This shade of blue is very similar to powder, icy and baby blue. Clearly brighter than riverside blue it makes most outfits pop. Several runways this year have beautiful white and airy blue dresses. Airy blue is very flirty, feminine and gives a feeling of freedom tranquility. This colour is not very suitable as a monochrome outfit like a dress for people with very bright skin. It can be toned down with some blue black just like riverside blue.


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Gold is by far one of the hardest colours to wear. There are several shades of gold that can be worn flawlessly when the outfit is planned well. Gold should also either stand along or be worn with colours like sand, white and black to play it safe. A gold dress is very trendy in 2017 but the right shade of gold should be worn. Rose gold is this year’s trendiest shade. Rose gold is a shade of gold that has a bit of pink in it. It’s easier to wear in its matt or metallic form. Gold dresses are very popular for evening wear. A gold dress is worn with minimal or no jewelry to prevent the outfit from looking too excessive. This colour is very rich, bold and gives for a very polished look.


White is one of the least casually most worn colours in the world. This is usually because white can easily look tacky not forgetting dirty. White is mostly worn for ceremonial occasions like weddings, christenings and other events of that nature. It’s a colour of purity, cleanliness and celebration. Most women stay away from winter white because they believe it will wash them out because they have pale skin. There is a chance of that happening. In China for instance more women opt for ivory wedding dresses because they don’t like the look of pure white on their already bright skin. The colour ivory, also known as off-white is more suited for very light complexions. That doesn’t go to say is an absolute no go area for pale skinned women. A white dress can be worn with a dark coloured coat or with other coloured accessories like chunky jewelry to reduce the graze of the colour.


Green is one of 2017’s favourite colours. Even though last year saw a decent amount of green on the runway this year is its year. Emerald and grass are amount the favourite shades of green for this year. Green dresses have a very nice and decent appeal to them. It is not particularly popular so can be very sure that you will find fewer women rocking a green dress at a cocktail or event. Green is a colour that’s in tune with nature. It’s no wonder green goes so well with earth tone colours. Mint green are one of the most popular shades of green for day wear. The shades get darker when we enter night wear with emerald green being one of the popular shades. Green is one of those few colours that compliment both gold and silver coloured jewelry very nicely.

In a nutshell of all the lovely colours in the spectrum the most popular ones are blue, gold, white and green. Even though putting all these colours together in one dress would be a total disaster worn separately these colour are sure to make any woman look extremely modern and up to date.




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