Ways to wear a green dress like a pro


Dresses these days come in every colour imaginable. There are so many to choose from it’s not even funny. Many dresses worn by women around the world are either easy to wear or rather hard. One of those colours that a large number of women avoid is green. Green is one of those colours that you can either get a big hit with or a total miss. Contrary to popular belief green is a very versatile colour that can be worn is a great deal of ways. The shades and tones of the colour do have to be taken into consideration but with these tips anyone can wear a green dress and look absolutely fabulous. Green is also a colour that can be worn for both night and day looks without looking awkward. Even though green is much more suited for summer and spring dark shades can be worn all year round. Green is the perfect color to compliment a terrific sense of style. No matter the occasion be it a wedding, cocktail party, beach party or even work green can be worn flawlessly and these are some of the best ways to do this. These tips are for women of any age and can be worn in any dress type so far as it’s faltering.

Gold Accessories

Green dresses go very well with gold accessories. Gold shoes, jewelry, bags; anything gold basically works. Heavy or chunky gold jewelry is best for solid green dresses. The shade of green here doesn’t really matter but the darker the green the better. Mint green may not looks as amazing with green as grass green though but it still works just fine. Pairing a patterned green dress with gold shoes and a gold bag may be a better idea than wearing a lot of necklaces and earring because patterns tend to be very busy and we don’t want to look like a tree do we? Gold embroidery on green dresses are completely adorable. With embroidery the more intrinsic it is the better. This combination works really well for either night or day and can be worn for both formal and casual events or places. Gold has a bright and sparkly feel to it and so paired with a green dress the combination just shines!

Green with earth tones

The colour green definitely reminds us of nature, the environment trees, grass and so much around us. This next tip for wearing a green dress was given from nature itself. Green dresses look completely flawless when combined with earth tone colours. Earth tone colours are brown, sand, beige and a host of others. Brown is the number one earth tone colour to combine with a green dress. It’s only natural right? To prevent this look form looking weird wear two or more shades of brown with your green dress.  A dark brown belt and a lighter shade of brown pair of shoes will make any solid green dress pop. A dark brown belt can work with any shade of green dress, even patterned dresses. There next to no don’ts when it comes to wearing a green dress with earth tone colours. The darker shades as well as the lighter shades all go very well with earth tone colours.

Minimalistic style

Design 1

One very popular way to wear a green dress is with zero accessories. We are talking no jewelry at all, no bag or clutches but surely with nude shoes. This trend is very famous on the red carpet. Green is a very unique colour so it can easily pop in any crowd. This makes it a favourite by many women in entertainment. When wearing a green dress in this way try keep your hairstyle very simple and give the dress all the attention. This tip is a minimalistic approach to styling a green dress. For day nude sandals or slippers can be worn for a more casual look. For a night look what makes this outfit really work is the type of dress. Wear a very strikingly beautiful green dress if you want to turn heads and the colour will do all the talking for you without fail.

Colour blocking

Green almost always looks beautiful with practically any colour on the planet if it’s combined well. This combination needs to be considered based on the shade of green, amount of green and the shade and tone of the other colours. Green in combination with purple, red and orange makes the perfect dress. Stripes and bold block layers in these colour are so retro in basically any type of dress. The other colours compliment the green and make it part of something truly beautiful. These types of colour blocked dresses most often stand out. They look completely unique and flatter almost any skin tone. These colours do not need to be in the dress alone. You can practice colour blocking with accessories as well. Throw on a purple trench coat over a red and green dress with orange shoes or a pair of dangling orange earrings and your look is complete! The colour blocking trend is easier to wear with all the colours in fewer pieces and some colours repeated. An example is wearing a purple and green dress with a purple bag and green earrings and shoes. Try to stay away from white when you colour block green and red or else you will look like a Christmas poster which in itself is not so bad but surely not a preference. Different shades of blue are also a very wonderful set of colours to block with green. As navy blue and royal blue work well with green individually a combination is wildly stylish for women of any age.

So there you have it, 4 absolutely trendy ways to wear a green dress. There is obviously no need to fear the colour green anymore. The colour green is beautiful and waiting to be worn. Go out today and buy yourself a green dress because you know how to rock it!