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What makes a wrapper outfit

Looking good when going to a special event is a must. I mean let’s be honest, no one knows who they will meet at a wedding, party or even a funeral. We must all endeavor to look our best when we step out and what better way to look the part than in a high quality Indian lace/ embroidered edge wrapper? Indian embroidered wrapper fabric have been fashionable for so long it most feels as if this fabric is timeless. The best part is the variety of colours and designs it comes in. No wonder its one of the most popular Aso Ebi options.

This fabric even though it comes in a wide variety of options is most of the time in 2 main parts; the wrapper and the blouse fabric. It’s very possible you have both in your wardrobe right now. If you don’t have any at all oya buy some right now because it will save your life the day you are not sure what to wear. You can find a wide range of options here.

The first and most popular part is the wrapper or skirt made from polished cotton with a lace or embroidered edge. This type of wrapper is vibrant and beautifully decorated with a gorgeous pattern at the edge and most times there are patches of embroidery in the whole fabric. The fabric usually has a bit of stretch to it but it still predominantly cotton. It makes for a very comfortable outfit as we all know the Nigerian sun can sometimes be very unforgiving. If you don’t want to sweat a lot this will work for you. The fabric is opaque and doesn’t need any lining at all.

The second part is the blouse fabric which is very daring. It is made with tulle or chiffon fabric with lace, embroidery or beading at the edge to match that of the wrapper. This blouse fabric is most of the time sold with the wrapper for a perfect top and bottom combination. Unless you are a very daring lady you will need to line this fabric when you sew it. Most people use it for the sleeves, neckline and other less revealing parts of their outfits when they sew with it. This type of fabric is really beautiful and can be used to make so many unique styles both traditional and contemporary.

A wrapper and blouse is very similar to a little black dress in Nigeria. You can wear it to almost every occasion and you will fit right in. With a huge variety of colours and pattern options a wrapper and blouse will fit the taste of almost every woman.


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