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Over the past decades African weddings have been of great influence to modern fashion. Influencing fashion from colors to patterns, styles to designer works, changing the idea of the general public from “I love them dark” to “I love them a little shady” then to ” I love them bright !”

A little wonder the reason wedding venues see the most beautiful of all people. From scarf ( Gele as called in West Africa) to Shoes is usually more interesting than a new movie at the cinema.

African wedding till date

About 30 years ago, wedding ceremonies in Africa were not as big and colorful as they are today, wedding ceremonies were more of sacred rite performances, dance and nourishment, both families share a short period set out for acquaintance. Planning takes a period of 2 months at most. But today an average wedding ceremony planning period extends over a large number of months and is graced with 5-6 uniformed groups of men, 12-15 uniformed groups of women (Aso-ebi as called in Nigeria – West Africa).

African dressesSMXLL

You would find beautiful sets of women gracefully adorned in pretty coloured African dresses all smiling and making you wish you had dressed better. Such wedding ceremonies don’t turn out to be just short memories trends, they go as far as trending for years, on social media, in a hair styling saloon, in a guys bar, on magazines, even in the news.

One minute you are loving the happy moments these women are sharing, the next minute you are carried away by their breath-taking sense of fashion. Yes! African dresses are gorgeous, makes a man wish he were a woman, even just for a day.

African – Indian designs

It is not a thing from the blues that the exquisite African-Indian dress has gained such likeness in the sight of the fashionable woman. A wedding invitation calls for a special outfit preparation, even for an emergency shopping. This is not just because there is a wedding, it is because one has got to look good at a wedding.

African dressesSMXLL

People take a power draining pain to visit boutiques and malls to purchase their outfits, a brightly coloured beaded African dresses, a beautiful piece of blouse material for blouse and a matching colour for scarf. Attend an African wedding not looking plush, the rest of the story would be best told from your awaiting experience lol.

The genesis of the popular beaded African dress cannot be traced to any particular time or era, it has been a magnificence existing from the birth of civilization, through modifications and design recreation and has stood the test of time. Sustained by the over lapping series of fashion trends, African dresses has watched fashion trends come and go! Nations rise and fall! War come and go! but it has stayed!

African dressesSLXLM

One cannot find a fashion trend that has and is still satisfying the desire of its lovers in every corner. The African-Indian dress does not only satisfy the desire of its lovers but has also gone to the extent of becoming an inseparable part of the people, giving a warm allure to its users and instigating the positive sense of a sophisticated African tradition to the beholder.

 Apparently, African fashion have become one impressive and widely accepted attire. All Nationals, Black or White, wish to be adorned in a priceless African dress to connote the depth of its tradition and culture, but one problem still abides, a problem that arises when picking a colour and a design from the multi catalogue presented during purchase or survey.

African dressesSMXLL

 There are many colours known to the world and each of these colours has got multiple shades of itself. This fact would definitely make it a great task to decide on which colour or design of an African dress to purchase. This is not a problem if an aspiring user purchases at a certified sales centre or guided by a designer, as there are always professionals to assist you at this points.

Do you seek to choose a stone beaded design for yourself?

Perhaps a place to get the most beautiful and flamboyant, with sparkling alluring colours, to satisfy your exquisite sense of fashion. Do you love looking good and wish to be adorned in a conceptual magnificence at a minimum cost? Is it your Day and you just can’t have anyone look better than you would?

Kenigfashion offers you a guided hint on colours to choose and designs to buy to bring out the beauty in you.



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