Why wrapper fabric is best for Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi is a Nigerian activity where the family and sometimes friends of a bride at a wedding wear a uniform outfit. Most often it’s a particular fabric that can either be sewn into a single style for everyone or a set of individual styles. It’s very common in Nigeria and the bride and her family and friends may select a particular fabric that matches the colours of the wedding. After a suitable fabric is decided upon everyone gets a piece and dashes to their local seamstress or tailor to do some magic for them. Embroidered wrapper fabric is excellent for Aso Ebi for a lot of reasons.

Wide range of colours

Embroidered wrapper fabric comes in every colour imaginable. Turquoise, magenta, fuchsia and so many rare colours are all available in this type of fabric. When it comes to colour or even shades of a particular colour you need not worry at all. Some of the fabric come in two or more colours like purple and gold, blue and white, orange and yellow etc and make for an excellent combination if those are your exact wedding colours. With Indian embroidered wrapper fabric you will be spoiled for choice.

Easy to sew

African / Indian George

When a fabric is to be sewn into different styles it’s always best to choose one that is very versatile. Fabric types like cotton and cotton blends are very good for such purposes. Indian embroidered wrapper fabric is made from polished cotton. This is basically a kind of cotton blend with embroidery and sometimes embellishments at the edge. The texture can sew very interesting styles and is very comfortable to wear even in the heat season. It’s very easy for even a new tailor or seamstress to sew an outfit made with polished cotton.


At Kenig fashions you can buy as many yards as you want. Unlike the markets where you are not sure you will get enough of the exact same fabric for the whole group of eager Aso Ebi wearers, Kenig allows you to order in bulk without any stress at all. Both the wrapper fabric and the blouse fabric can be bought in bulk and at these affordable prices you can’t go wrong. Once the fabric is available you will be able to buy as much as you want.

African / Indian George

Universally age appropriate

Embroidered wrapper fabric is one of those fabric that are extremely timeless. The fabric can be worn by both young and old and will still look extremely fashionable. The wrapper fabric can be used for modern outfits like pencil dresses, peplum dresses and lots more for a more youthful look and at the same time can be used as a traditional wrapper and blouse style.

Choosing this fabric for your Aso Ebi will be an excellent idea and kenig fashions will be very glad to help you do this.